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Are you tired of manually documenting grid locations in your Revit models? Look no further - DocuGrid is here to simplify your workflow and save you precious time! This innovative plugin automatically detects grid locations and writes them to the element's parameter, allowing you to effortlessly showcase them in schedules. Let's dive in and see how DocuGrid can revolutionize your design process.


(Image by: Aectech)

Effortless Grid Location Tracking

With DocuGrid, locating and tagging elements based on their grid positions is a breeze. The plugin's intelligent algorithm seamlessly detects curved or arc grids and linearizes them, ensuring accurate placement. Whether you're dealing with horizontal or vertical grids, DocuGrid has you covered.

Unleash Your Design Potential

By displaying grid locations in schedules, DocuGrid offers a new level of clarity and organization to your projects. The ability to easily identify elements based on their precise grid location empowers you to make informed design decisions and communicate effectively with your team. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to efficiency!


(Image by: Aectech)


DocuGrid is a game-changer for Revit users, providing an intuitive solution to document and track grid locations. Its seamless integration and effortless functionality make it a must-have plugin for architects, engineers, and designers. So why wait? Try DocuGrid today and unlock a streamlined workflow that will save you time and enhance your productivity.

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