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Family Editor Interface

Family Editor Interface

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Revit is widely recognized as a powerful software for creating and designing architectural models. However, the process of creating or editing Family Content within Revit often requires a significant amount of time and effort. This is where the Family Editor Interface plugin comes in, offering a simple yet effective solution to enhance the user experience and streamline the workflow.


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Effortless Editing with Visual Control

The Family Editor Interface plugin provides a more interactive way of creating and editing Family Content. By manipulating the existing parameters within the Family Editor, users gain a more visual control over the Family Bone-Muscle-Skin paradigm. This means that changes can be made with ease and precision, resulting in a more efficient editing process.

Immediate Feedback and Enhanced Functionality

One of the standout features of the Family Editor Interface plugin is its ability to provide immediate feedback on any parameter changes made. As users modify values on the fly, they can see the impact of their actions in real-time. This instant feedback greatly speeds up the editing process and ensures that any adjustments made are exactly as desired.

Furthermore, the plugin automatically detects when new parameters are added to the Family Types dialog. This means that users no longer need to manually refresh the document to access the newly added parameters. Additionally, the 'Refresh Document' button is a handy tool when switching between different Family Projects, allowing for a seamless transition and uninterrupted workflow.


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The Family Editor Interface plugin is a valuable tool for anyone working with Family Content in Revit. Its intuitive interface, visual control, and immediate feedback significantly simplify the creation and editing process. With its ability to detect and incorporate newly added parameters, it further enhances functionality and streamlines workflow. We highly encourage Revit users to give the Family Editor Interface plugin a try and experience the benefits of this powerful tool firsthand.

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