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BIM for Archipad

BIM for Archipad

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For professionals in the architecture and construction industry, efficient communication between the BIM software and site monitoring solutions is paramount. In this regard, Archipad has developed a remarkable Revit plugin called BIM for Archipad. This plugin seamlessly bridges the gap between Autodesk® Revit® and Archipad's Cloud web application, enabling users to export their plans from their BIM models swiftly and conveniently.


(Image by: Archipad)

Streamlined Export Process

One of the standout features of BIM for Archipad is its direct export functionality, allowing users to send their plans directly to the Archipad Cloud web application. This streamlined export process saves valuable time, eliminating the need for manual transfers or convoluted intermediaries.


(Image by: Archipad)

Customizable and Versatile

BIM for Archipad offers users a range of customization options. It provides automatic export to 2D plans in PDF format, allowing professionals to easily share their designs with collaborators. Additionally, users can choose from a variety of cuts and select the plan format that best suits their needs, such as A4 or others. The plugin also offers the ability to customize file names, enhancing organization and ease of use.


(Image by: Archipad)

Enhanced Visualization and Project Management

Archipad's BIM plugin goes the extra mile in improving the overall project management experience. It includes features like hiding unreferenced view tags, definition areas, and framing limits, among others. These capabilities ensure that the exported plans are clean and concise, providing a clearer visualization of the project for all stakeholders involved.


BIM for Archipad is an indispensable plugin for architects, engineers, and construction professionals seeking to streamline their workflow and enhance collaboration. With its direct export functionality, customization options, and project management features, this Revit plugin serves as a valuable tool for seamlessly integrating Autodesk® Revit® and Archipad's site monitoring solution. Best of all, BIM for Archipad is free and compatible with multiple versions of Revit, ensuring accessibility and adaptability for a wide range of users.

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