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Cadsum STL Exporter for Autodesk® Revit® - Trial

Cadsum STL Exporter for Autodesk® Revit® - Trial

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Cadsum STL Exporter for Autodesk® Revit® is a powerful plugin that allows users to export their Revit models to STL files in both Binary and ASCII formats. With its fast and accurate exporting capabilities, this plugin is an essential tool for anyone working with complex Revit models. Whether you need to export a simple or intricate design, Cadsum STL Exporter can handle it all, providing small and optimized output files without compromising on quality.


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The Cadsum STL Exporter offers a range of features that make it a standout plugin for Revit users. One of its key advantages is its ability to export any type of Revit model, regardless of complexity. Whether you're working on a small residential project or a large commercial building, this plugin can handle the export process with precision and ease.

One of the standout features of Cadsum STL Exporter is its "Level of Detail" setting option, which allows users to control the output file size and quality. This is particularly useful when working with large models that may require a balance between file size and detail.

Additionally, the plugin offers a "Decimal Place Precision" setting option, which ensures the accuracy of the exported STL file. This feature allows users to define the level of precision required for their specific project, giving them full control over the final result.

Cadsum STL Exporter supports both Binary and ASCII formats, providing flexibility and compatibility with various 3D printing software and platforms. Furthermore, this plugin allows users to export Binary format files with color, adding an extra dimension to their 3D models.

Another notable feature of this plugin is the "Unit" setting option, which allows users to control the scaling of the output STL file. This is particularly useful when working on projects with specific dimensional requirements or when collaborating with other software or platforms.


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Licensing and Pricing

Cadsum STL Exporter offers two types of licenses for its product. The Perpetual license, priced at $59 USD, provides a lifetime license for a single machine. On the other hand, the Annual subscription, priced at $39 USD, offers a one-year license for a single machine.

Both licensing options provide users with access to all the features and updates of Cadsum STL Exporter. Whether you prefer a long-term investment or a more flexible subscription, this plugin offers a suitable option for every user.


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Cadsum STL Exporter for Autodesk® Revit® is a reliable and efficient plugin that simplifies the process of exporting Revit models to STL files. With its fast and accurate exporting capabilities, users can trust this plugin to handle both simple and complex models with ease. The range of setting options allows for customizability and precision, ensuring the output file meets specific project requirements. Whether you're a professional designer or an enthusiast experimenting with 3D printing, Cadsum STL Exporter is a must-try plugin that will undoubtedly enhance your Revit workflow.


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(Image by: CADSUM Software Solutions)

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