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Central Models Creator

Central Models Creator

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About this app


Central Models Creator by Codigem is an incredible plugin designed to streamline the process of creating and migrating workshared models in Autodesk Revit. With its compatibility with Autodesk BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud, this tool is a must-have for architects and designers looking to save time and increase productivity.


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Streamlined Workshared Models Creation

The traditional process of creating workshared central models in Revit can be time-consuming, as each file needs to be saved and initiated individually. Additionally, the default workshared model only contains two worksets, which may not be sufficient for complex projects that require multiple worksets. Central Models Creator solves these issues by automating the entire process, allowing you to create multiple central models based on a specified source file. This saves you time and ensures consistency across your projects.


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Migrate Your Local Models with Ease

Not only does Central Models Creator facilitate the creation of workshared models, but it also offers a convenient solution for migrating local models to BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Instead of manually transferring each model, this plugin enables you to automate the migration process, ensuring a seamless transition from local drive to cloud-based platforms. Your model names remain unchanged, allowing for easy organization and continued project management.


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Effortless Worksets Creation

Creating worksets can be a tedious task, especially when dealing with a large number of models. Central Models Creator simplifies this process by automating workset creation. No longer do you need to manually create worksets for each model; this plugin takes care of it for you. This feature saves you valuable time and ensures that your worksets are consistent and accurately defined, following your model segregation strategy.


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Supported Platforms

Central Models Creator supports various platforms, including local paths, BIM 360, and Autodesk Construction Cloud. Whether you prefer working on your local drive or utilizing cloud-based solutions, this plugin has you covered. The flexibility to choose your preferred platform allows for seamless integration into your existing workflow.


Central Models Creator is a game-changer when it comes to creating and migrating workshared models in Autodesk Revit. With its automation capabilities, this plugin saves you time, increases productivity, and ensures consistency across your projects. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting with Revit, Central Models Creator is a must-have tool that simplifies complex processes and enhances your overall workflow. Try it out and experience the difference it can make in your Revit projects.

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