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Apartment layouts

Apartment layouts

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As architects, we understand the importance of adhering to drawing standards when designing apartment buildings. The tedious task of following guidelines set by "ГОСТ 21.501-2018" and "СН 3.02.01-2019" can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, with the Apartment Layouts Revit plugin, this process becomes a breeze, allowing architects to save precious time and deliver accurate designs.


(Image by: ENECA B.V.)

Innovative Solution for Architects

Apartment Layouts is a game-changing plugin designed to help architects easily follow the mandated drawing standards. With its intuitive interface, this powerful Revit plugin automatically adjusts the necessary coefficients and calculates areas, ensuring that your apartment layouts comply with "ГОСТ 21.501-2018" and "СН 3.02.01-2019".

Streamlined Design Process

Gone are the days of manually annotating apartments or manually calculating room areas. Apartment Layouts simplifies the process by providing special annotations as required by "ГОСТ 21.501-2018". It also takes into account specific coefficients mentioned in "СН 3.02.01-2019" for different types of rooms, effortlessly adjusting them to achieve accurate area calculations. This plugin revolutionizes the way architects design apartment layouts, significantly reducing the time and effort expended in the process.


(Image by: ENECA B.V.)


Apartment Layouts is an indispensable tool for architects seeking to optimize their workflow and comply with drawing standards. By automating the necessary adjustments and calculations, this Revit plugin allows architects to focus on their creativity and design, rather than tedious administrative tasks. We highly recommend trying Apartment Layouts to experience the time-saving and accuracy-enhancing benefits it offers. Embrace this innovative solution and elevate your apartment design process today!

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