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JTB AutoClose freeware

JTB AutoClose freeware

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About this app

Autodesk AutoCAD is a powerful software used by professionals in various industries to create precise 2D and 3D designs. However, if you are using a borrowed network license, you may have encountered the frustrating "License Borrowed" message that appears every time you start the program. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this annoyance - JTB AutoClose freeware.

Seamless License Borrowing Experience

With JTB AutoClose, you can bid farewell to the constant interruptions caused by the "License Borrowed" message. This lightweight and user-friendly plugin automatically closes the dialog box for you, ensuring a seamless license borrowing experience. Gone are the days of having to acknowledge the message every time you launch AutoCAD.

Not only does JTB AutoClose handle the license borrowing message, but it also closes other related dialog boxes that might hinder your workflow. For example, the plugin can automatically close the "AutoCAD requires 1024 by 768 resolution or higher to run" message, saving you time and frustration.


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Easy Installation and Customization

JTB AutoClose is designed to be effortless to install and use. The plugin utilizes a custom installer, ensuring a smooth setup process. You don't need to worry about compatibility issues or complex configurations - JTB AutoClose takes care of everything.

Additionally, the plugin provides customization options that allow you to tailor its behavior to your specific needs. Whether you want to disable certain dialog boxes or adjust the timing of the automatic closures, JTB AutoClose empowers you to create a personalized AutoCAD experience.


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A Reliable Solution for AutoCAD Users

AutoCAD professionals who rely on borrowed network licenses will greatly benefit from JTB AutoClose. This freeware plugin eliminates the distractions caused by the license borrowing message, allowing you to focus on your design work without interruptions.

Not only does JTB AutoClose improve your productivity, but it also enhances the overall user experience. By seamlessly closing dialog boxes that can hinder AutoCAD's performance, the plugin ensures a smoother workflow and a more enjoyable design process.


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If you are tired of dealing with the "License Borrowed" message in AutoCAD, JTB AutoClose freeware is the solution you've been looking for. With its automatic closure of the license borrowing dialog box and other related messages, this plugin enhances your workflow and saves you valuable time. Install JTB AutoClose today and enjoy a seamless AutoCAD experience.


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(Image by: JTB World Inc.)

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