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AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder

AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder

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About this app

Revit is a powerful software for architects, designers, and BIM managers, but navigating through its numerous tabs and panels can sometimes be overwhelming. That's where the AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder comes in. This innovative plugin is designed to simplify your workflow by allowing you to create a dedicated ribbon tab in Autodesk Revit, where you can relocate frequently used panels and buttons from other tabs. With its key features and user-friendly interface, this plugin is a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their interface and maximize productivity.

Custom Tab Creation

One of the standout features of the AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder is its ability to generate a dedicated tab on your Revit ribbon called "Custom Tab". This tab acts as a centralized hub for all your frequently used panels and buttons, making them easily accessible and reducing the time spent searching for specific tools. Whether you're a seasoned Revit user or just starting out, having a custom tab that aligns with your specific needs and preferences can greatly enhance your workflow.


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Panel & Button Consolidation

Moving panels and buttons from other existing tabs to your custom tab is a breeze with the AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder. Simply select the panels and buttons you want to relocate, and with a few clicks, they will be seamlessly integrated into your custom tab. This consolidation feature ensures that all your essential tools are within reach, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs and panels.


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Auto-Hide Empty Tabs

The AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder goes a step further in reducing clutter by automatically hiding tabs from which all panels and buttons have been moved. This smart feature keeps your Revit interface clean and organized, ensuring that only the tabs you actually use are visible. Say goodbye to a cluttered workspace and hello to a more focused and efficient workflow.


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Plugin Tab Management

In addition to consolidating panels and buttons from existing tabs, the AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder also allows you to combine panels and buttons from various installed plugins into your custom tab. This feature is a game-changer for those who rely on multiple plugins to enhance their Revit experience. By centralizing all your plugins' tools in one tab, you can navigate through Revit with ease and have a more streamlined workspace.


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Renaming and Settings Management

The AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder offers customization options to better align with your specific projects, teams, or architecture company's needs. You can easily change the name of your custom tab, allowing for better organization and personalization. Additionally, this plugin provides the ability to save, export, and import settings via a straightforward script file, making it easy to transfer your custom tab configurations across multiple machines.


The AG Custom Ribbon Tab Builder is an essential plugin for any architect, designer, or BIM manager looking to simplify their workflow in Autodesk Revit. With its custom tab creation, panel and button consolidation, auto-hide empty tabs, and plugin tab management features, this plugin streamlines your interface, enhances productivity, and keeps your workspace organized. The ability to rename the custom tab and manage settings further adds to its versatility. Don't miss out on this powerful tool that will revolutionize your Revit experience.

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