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In the world of architectural design, organization and file management are crucial elements for a successful project. With the emergence of BIM technology, the need for an efficient way to gather and manage project information has become even more important. That's where Briefcase, a powerful Revit plugin, comes in. With Briefcase, you can easily attach and carry any type of document within your Revit files, ensuring no information is lost or forgotten along the way.



Unlimited File Attachment Possibilities

Briefcase revolutionizes the way you handle files within Revit by allowing you to attach a wide range of file types. Whether it's PDFs, Office files, images, videos, zip or rar files, or any other file type you can imagine, Briefcase has got you covered. With a generous file size limit of 10 MB per file and no quantity limit, you can attach all the necessary documents without any worries. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through separate folders for related files – Briefcase keeps them all in one place, right within your Revit project.

Secure and Convenient File Management

One of the standout features of Briefcase is its ability to ensure the safety of your files. You no longer need to worry about losing important documents or forgetting to bring them along. Briefcase keeps everything securely stored inside your Revit project file, ready for easy access whenever you need it. Additionally, Briefcase allows you to recover, change, modify, and re-upload files whenever necessary, providing a seamless and convenient file management experience.




Briefcase is a game-changing plugin for Autodesk Revit that transforms the way you organize and manage project information. With its ability to attach any type of document and its unlimited storage capacity, Briefcase eliminates the need for separate file folders and ensures that no information is lost or forgotten. By keeping everything within your Revit project, Briefcase streamlines the file management process, saving you valuable time and effort. If you're an architect or designer looking to enhance your project workflow and improve overall productivity, Briefcase is a must-try plugin. Say goodbye to file organization woes and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of Briefcase!

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