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Wood structures have always been favored for their aesthetic appeal and sustainable nature. However, incorporating accurate and dimensioned options into projects at early design stages has often been a challenge. This is where the Revit plugin, Offsite Wood, comes into play. With its high-quality, lean, and efficient wood structure families, this plugin revolutionizes the way architects and designers work with wood.

Efficient Design with Educational Formatting

Offsite Wood offers a range of educationally formatted streams that provide default options from across the industry. These streams allow users to filter criteria and navigate specialty cases before downloading the desired wood structure families. The emphasis on architectural criteria, sustainability metrics, fire resistance, and dimensional coordination ensures that the selections are in line with project requirements.

One of the standout features of Offsite Wood is its embedded data, designed to be helpful for downstream workflows in engineering and life cycle assessment. The plugin even includes a carbon benefit calculation service based on public sector Canadian expertise, which is continuously updated. This commitment to sustainable design sets Offsite Wood apart from other plugins in the market.

Precise Content for Manufacturing and Procurement, Easy to Use for Design

Offsite Wood strikes a perfect balance between precision and usability. The content provided by the plugin is precise enough for manufacturing and procurement purposes, ensuring accurate and efficient production of wood structure components. However, it is also designed to be user-friendly for architects and designers, allowing them to easily incorporate the wood structure families into their projects and optimize for offsite prefabrication.

The guidance tools and design assist options offered by Offsite Wood further enhance the design process. With these features, architects and designers can optimize their designs for offsite prefabrication, reducing overall construction time and costs while maintaining high quality.

Vendor-Neutral Support and Continuous Improvement

The developer of Offsite Wood has established a vendor-neutral nonprofit member network to support the plugin's users. This network not only provides assistance but also accepts new feature and preconstruction service requests. This commitment to ongoing improvement ensures that Offsite Wood remains up-to-date and aligned with the evolving needs of the industry.

Moreover, Offsite Wood's mission to increase international market capacity in specifying sustainable wood structure options is commendable. By promoting sustainable practices and offering high-quality wood structure families, Offsite Wood contributes to the global effort of building a greener future.


(Image by: Quebec Wood Export Bureau)


Offsite Wood is a game-changer for architects and designers working with wood structures. Its lean and efficient wood structure families, combined with educationally formatted streams and embedded data, make it a powerful tool for early design stages. With its emphasis on sustainability, dimensional coordination, and fire resistance, Offsite Wood ensures that users can create accurate and environmentally friendly designs.

The precise content and user-friendly interface of Offsite Wood make it an essential plugin for both manufacturing and design purposes. The guidance tools and design assist options optimize designs for offsite prefabrication, saving time and costs while maintaining high quality.

Supported by a vendor-neutral nonprofit network and continuously improving based on user feedback, Offsite Wood is a reliable and future-proof solution. We highly recommend trying out this plugin to enhance your wood structure designs and contribute to a more sustainable built environment.

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