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Shop Drawing Tools

Shop Drawing Tools

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About this app


Shop Drawing Tools is a revolutionary plugin for Revit that offers automatic creation of dimensions for columns and foundations, saving you valuable time and providing accurate and high-quality presentations. This powerful tool not only enhances the annotation quality but also ensures precision and consistency in your design documentation.


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Annotation Quality and Time-saving Benefits

One of the standout features of Shop Drawing Tools is its exceptional annotation quality. With this plugin, the line of dimension is always positioned between the dimension text and the element face, following the above and left annotation rule. This ensures that your drawings are visually appealing and convey information effectively.

In addition to its annotation capabilities, Shop Drawing Tools drastically reduces the time required for dimension creation. With just a few clicks, you can automatically generate accurate dimensions for columns and foundations. This saves you from the tedious task of manually placing and aligning dimensions, allowing you to focus more on your design and analysis.


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Powerful Presentation and Consistent Accuracy

Shop Drawing Tools offers a powerful presentation feature that enhances the clarity of your drawings. The dimension line is always maintained between the dimension text and the element face, which ensures that your designs are visually appealing and easy to interpret. This attention to detail greatly improves the overall quality of your presentations.

Moreover, this plugin guarantees consistent accuracy in dimension placement. The distance between the dimension line and the element faces remains constant, eliminating any discrepancies that may arise from manual dimensioning. This level of precision ensures that your drawings are reliable and adhere to industry standards.


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Activation and Support

Activating Shop Drawing Tools is a simple process. Upon purchasing the app, you can use it for 7 days without activation. To activate the app, you just need to send the request key UID to pr.micheal@gmail.com, and you will receive the license key promptly. The support team behind this plugin is responsive and committed to providing assistance whenever required.


Shop Drawing Tools is a game-changing plugin for Revit that streamlines the dimension creation process, improves annotation quality, and enhances the overall presentation of your designs. With its time-saving capabilities and consistent accuracy, this tool is a must-have for architects and engineers seeking efficiency and professionalism in their documentation. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your workflow with Shop Drawing Tools.

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