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Are you tired of spending hours searching for the right medical equipment models for your Revit projects? Look no further, as bim4med is here to revolutionize the way you design and plan your medical facilities. This powerful plugin is designed to speed up the process of selecting equipment and solutions, providing you with a vast library of specialized medical equipment models from leading manufacturers.


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Easy Access to Specialized Medical Equipment Models

bim4med offers an extensive range of medical equipment models, all accessible within Autodesk Revit. With just a few clicks, you can pre-select models based on their usage, assigned category, or library language. This intuitive categorization system ensures that you can quickly find the exact equipment you need for your project, saving you valuable time and effort.


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Create Your Personal Toolbox

One of the standout features of bim4med is the ability to create your own toolbox of favorite models. This allows you to easily access and utilize your most frequently used equipment in any project. By customizing your toolbox, you can streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency, ensuring that your designs are completed in a timely manner.


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bim4med is a game-changer for anyone involved in medical facility modeling using Revit. With its extensive library of specialized medical equipment models and intuitive search capabilities, this plugin significantly speeds up the equipment selection process. The ability to create a personalized toolbox further enhances your workflow and productivity. Say goodbye to tedious searching and say hello to streamlined design with bim4med. Take advantage of this free plugin today and experience the benefits firsthand!


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