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Duplicate Sheet Pro

Duplicate Sheet Pro

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About this app


Revit, the widely used Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, provides a plethora of tools and features to streamline the design and documentation process. However, when it comes to duplicating sheets and views, the native functionality of Revit can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where the Duplicate Sheet Pro plugin comes to the rescue, offering enhanced functionalities and incredible speed for duplicating sheets with ease.


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Enhanced Functionalities

The Duplicate Sheet Pro plugin expands on the capabilities of the existing Duplicate Sheet add-in, providing a range of valuable features to optimize the sheet duplication process.

Duplicate without views

The basic function of this plugin allows users to duplicate existing sheets and create new empty sheets effortlessly. With the option to choose a new titleblock family for the duplicated sheet and set sheet numbers and names using prefixes and suffixes, the workflow becomes highly customizable and efficient.

Duplicate with views

One of the standout features of Duplicate Sheet Pro is the ability to duplicate views on existing sheets with various duplicate options. Users can choose to duplicate views with Detailing or Dependent options, providing flexibility in the duplication process. Moreover, it also allows for setting names of duplicated views using prefixes and suffixes, along with the option to apply a new view template for duplicated views. Users can even choose whether to duplicate Schedules and Legend Views or not.

The Power of the Pro Version

By upgrading to the Pro version of Duplicate Sheet Pro, users gain access to additional functionalities that further enhance their productivity.

Choose which view to duplicate

The Pro version empowers users with the ability to select specific views for duplication, giving them complete control over the duplication process. This level of flexibility ensures that only the necessary views are duplicated, saving valuable time and effort.

Lightning-fast duplication

Thanks to its utilization of new technology, the Pro version of Duplicate Sheet Pro boasts an impressive duplication speed that is twenty times faster than the original version. This drastic improvement in speed ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, significantly reducing the time required for sheet duplication.

Duplicate Assembly Sheet

The Pro version brings a new level of versatility by enabling users to duplicate Assembly Sheets. This functionality proves invaluable for projects that require multiple assembly sheets, eliminating the need for manual duplication and streamlining the documentation process.

Dependent view system duplication

The Duplicate Sheet Pro plugin ensures that the duplicated dependent views maintain the same system as the original dependent views. This seamless duplication process allows designers and architects to preserve the relationships between dependent views, preventing any disruptions to their designs.


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The Duplicate Sheet Pro plugin is a game-changer for Revit users looking to expedite their sheet duplication process. With its comprehensive set of features, including the ability to duplicate without views, duplicate with various options, and lightning-fast duplication speed, it empowers users to work more efficiently and effectively. By upgrading to the Pro version, users gain access to even more capabilities, such as selective view duplication, Assembly Sheet duplication, and a robust system for duplicating dependent views. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your sheet duplication workflow with Duplicate Sheet Pro.

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