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Distribute MEP Elements from CAD

Distribute MEP Elements from CAD

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About this app


Revit is a powerful software used for building information modeling (BIM), and one of its key strengths lies in the ability to integrate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems seamlessly. However, manually distributing MEP elements in a project can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This is where the "Distribute MEP Elements from CAD" plugin comes in, providing users with an efficient and automated solution.


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Streamline Your Workflow with Automation

The core feature of this Revit plugin is its ability to automatically distribute a wide range of MEP elements from a CAD drawing. Whether it's lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, air terminals, or fire alarm devices, this plugin takes care of the distribution process, saving users a tremendous amount of time in their projects.

With just a few clicks, users can run this plugin in Trial mode for 10 days, allowing them to experience its capabilities before making a purchase. The activation process is straightforward, requiring users to send a request email with their username, along with a payment receipt. The publisher then sends an activation code within 24 hours, which can be entered to activate the app.


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Efficiency at Your Fingertips

By automating the distribution of MEP elements, this plugin eliminates the need for manual placement, reducing human error and ensuring consistency throughout the project. The time saved can be allocated to other important tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, this plugin's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both novices and experienced Revit users. The intuitive controls and clear instructions ensure a seamless experience, allowing users to quickly adapt to the plugin's functionalities.


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Unlock the Potential of Revit

The "Distribute MEP Elements from CAD" plugin brings a new level of convenience to Revit users, empowering them to focus on the design process rather than repetitive tasks. Its ability to distribute a wide range of MEP elements enables users to fully leverage the capabilities of Revit, making their projects more comprehensive and accurate.

Furthermore, the plugin's compatibility with various versions of Revit ensures that users can enjoy its benefits regardless of their software version. This flexibility allows individuals and teams to adopt the plugin seamlessly into their existing workflow, without the need for extensive software updates.


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The "Distribute MEP Elements from CAD" plugin is a game-changer for MEP designers and engineers using Revit. Its automation capabilities save a tremendous amount of time and effort, allowing users to focus on the creative aspects of their projects. With a simple activation process and user-friendly interface, this plugin is a must-try for anyone seeking to streamline their MEP workflows in Revit. Unlock the true potential of Revit and take your projects to new heights with this invaluable plugin.

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