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Excel BIM Link

Excel BIM Link

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Efficient data management is vital for successful BIM (Building Information Modeling) workflows, and the Excel BIM Link plugin is a powerful tool that simplifies the import/export process between Excel and Autodesk® Revit®. With its recent release, the tool has transformed from a simple utility to a robust enhancement, offering a plethora of features that save valuable time and enhance productivity.



Enhanced Functionality

The current release of Excel BIM Link introduces several new features that significantly enhance its usability:

a. Exporting Data

The plugin allows users to effortlessly export data from both the current project and its linked files. This feature offers unparalleled convenience by enabling seamless data transfer to Excel for further analysis or collaboration.

b. Importing Data

Importing data to the current project is now made effortless with Excel BIM Link. Users can simply select the desired Excel file, and the tool will seamlessly import the data, further streamlining the data management process within Revit.

c. Link Data Import

The enhanced Excel BIM Link plugin now offers the ability to import data directly into linked files. Users can open the linked file, import the data, and the plugin automatically remembers the link name, simplifying the workflow for managing data across multiple files.

d. Schedules Export and Modification

Excel BIM Link allows for the export of schedules, which can then be modified in Excel and re-imported into Revit. This functionality eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving a significant amount of time.

e. Type and Instance Parameters

With Excel BIM Link, users can effortlessly manage both type and instance parameters, ensuring accurate data synchronization. This versatility allows for comprehensive project data management while maintaining consistency throughout the BIM model.

Activation Process

Prior to activation, Excel BIM Link operates on a 30-day trial basis. The activation process is straightforward:

  1. Users must send the license code, displayed in the app license dialog box upon launching, along with the payment receipt to the email address: bim_s_s@yahoo.com.
  2. Within 24 hours, the activation code will be sent to the user's provided email address.
  3. In the license dialog box, click on "activate," enter the received activation code, and click "OK" to activate the app.



The Excel BIM Link plugin offers an indispensable tool for architects, engineers, and BIM professionals, significantly improving data management within Revit. With its enhanced functionality, including data export, import, and modification, as well as support for both type and instance parameters, this plugin streamlines the transfer of information between Excel and Revit, saving valuable time and enhancing productivity. The activation process is simple, ensuring uninterrupted access to this powerful tool. Experience the seamless data transfer and increased efficiency with Excel BIM Link, and take your BIM workflows to new heights.

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