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Advanced Rebar Image

Advanced Rebar Image

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About this app


Are you looking for a powerful tool to improve your rebar designs in Autodesk Revit? Look no further than Advanced Rebar Image, a cutting-edge plugin that offers a range of impressive features to streamline your workflow. Whether you're an experienced professional or a novice user, this plugin will revolutionize the way you work with rebar.


(Image by: BIMStudio)

Creating Custom Rebar Images

One of the standout features of Advanced Rebar Image is its ability to create custom images based on the rebar shape. This feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you to visually communicate the design intent to stakeholders with ease. From simple shapes to intricate configurations, all can be accurately represented in a high-quality .jpg image.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility

With Advanced Rebar Image, you have complete control over rebar and dimension colors. This enables you to align the visual representation of the rebar with your project's aesthetic requirements. Additionally, you can save the generated images to a local folder, giving you the freedom to use them in presentations, reports, or any other documentation as needed.


(Image by: BIMStudio)


Advanced Rebar Image is a game-changer for Autodesk Revit users involved in rebar design. Its ability to create custom images, control rebar colors, and save images locally make it an essential plugin for enhancing your design workflow. With Advanced Rebar Image, you can easily convey complex rebar configurations in a visually appealing manner, saving you time and effort. Don't miss out on this free and powerful tool – give it a try and experience the difference it can make in your rebar design process!

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