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BlinkC Category Visibility

BlinkC Category Visibility

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Autodesk® Revit® is a widely-used software in the field of architecture, engineering, and construction, offering powerful tools for building design and documentation. However, one aspect that can sometimes hinder productivity is the need to constantly toggle category visibility in the Visibility/Graphics window. This process requires cumbersome navigation and can disrupt workflow. Thankfully, with the BlinkC Category Visibility plugin, managing category visibility has never been easier.


(Image by: Bollinger+Grohmann)

Effortless Category Control

One of the standout features of the BlinkC Category Visibility plugin is its ability to switch categories on and off with a simple click. Gone are the days of scrolling through an extensive list of categories and checking individual checkboxes. Now, users can effortlessly activate or deactivate categories directly from the plugin's intuitive list. This streamlined process saves valuable time and allows users to focus on their design tasks without unnecessary distractions.

BlinkC Category Visibility takes convenience a step further by allowing users to type the name of the category they wish to make visible. This search functionality is particularly useful when working with larger models or projects that involve numerous categories. By simply typing a few letters, the desired category becomes instantly visible, eliminating the need for manual scrolling and searching.


(Image by: Bollinger+Grohmann)

Transparency Control for Enhanced Contextualization

In addition to category visibility control, the BlinkC Category Visibility plugin offers a powerful transparency feature. Users can easily adjust the transparency of categories using a convenient slider, allowing them to visualize elements behind walls or other opaque objects in their proper context. This functionality greatly enhances the ability to review and edit designs, enabling a deeper understanding of the spatial relationships within a model.


(Image by: Bollinger+Grohmann)

Seamless Integration

BlinkC Category Visibility seamlessly integrates with Autodesk® Revit®, ensuring a smooth user experience. The plugin's custom installer sets it apart from standard App Store installers, providing a tailored installation process that ensures optimal performance and compatibility with the software.


If you are a Revit user seeking to enhance your workflow and streamline your design process, BlinkC Category Visibility is the plugin you've been waiting for. With its effortless category control, efficient search functionality, and transparency control, this plugin offers a significant boost in productivity and ease of use. Say goodbye to cumbersome navigation through the Visibility/Graphics window and experience a new level of efficiency in your Revit projects. Give BlinkC Category Visibility a try and unlock the true potential of your Revit software.

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