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RV FamilyPurge 2024

RV FamilyPurge 2024

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About this app


Are you tired of spending hours trying to reduce the file size of your Revit model? Do you find it tedious to open each family, perform a Purge Unused, and repeat the process for nested families? If so, RV FamilyPurge 2024 is the plugin you have been waiting for! With just one click, you can clean all loaded families in your model, including their nested components, saving you time and effort.


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Effortless Cleaning of Loaded Families

RV FamilyPurge simplifies the process of reducing the file size of your Revit model. By eliminating the need to manually open families and perform individual purges, this plugin streamlines the entire process. With a single click, you can clean all loaded families, regardless of the number of nesting levels.


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Significant Reduction in File Size

One of the most impressive features of RV FamilyPurge is its ability to significantly reduce the file size of your Revit model. In numerous tests, users have reported file size reductions ranging from 40% to 60% after using RV FamilyPurge in combination with a final Purge Unused command. This plugin truly delivers on its promise of optimizing your Revit model's efficiency.


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Free Trial with All Features

If you are intrigued by the benefits of RV FamilyPurge, why not start right now with a free trial? The trial version offers all the features available in the full version, allowing you to experience the plugin's capabilities firsthand. By taking advantage of the trial, you can see the impressive results for yourself before making a purchase decision.


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RV FamilyPurge 2024 is an invaluable tool for anyone working with Revit models. Its one-click solution for cleaning loaded families provides a hassle-free experience and saves valuable time. The plugin's ability to significantly reduce file sizes, combined with the convenience of a free trial, makes it a must-try for Revit users looking to optimize their workflows. Don't hesitate to give RV FamilyPurge a chance - you won't be disappointed!

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