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Revit is an industry-leading software for architectural design, and with the BreakerRating plugin, it becomes even more efficient and convenient for electrical engineers. This plugin is specifically designed to calculate the breaker standard rating based on the load of each created electrical circuit, saving time and enhancing accuracy in the electrical design process.

Effortless Calculation and Smart Associations

One of the standout features of BreakerRating is its ability to associate three shared parameters to the category of electrical circuits. These parameters include:

  • Bifactor: Shared parameter type number. It is a factor that can be adjusted to suit your specific requirements, with a recommended value of 1.25. By multiplying this factor with the apparent current of each circuit, BreakerRating intelligently selects the next size up of the standard values of the NEC NFPA 70 standard breakers.
  • Minimum: Shared parameter type number. It allows you to set a standard minimum value for the circuit breaker, which can be 15 A, 20 A, 25 A, or 30 A. This ensures that the breaker rating considers the required minimum capacity.
  • Brbreakerpoles: Shared parameter type text. This parameter combines the values of the rating and the number of poles in the circuit, providing a clear representation of the breaker's characteristics. For example, "25/2" would indicate a 25 A breaker with 2 poles.

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Seamless Integration and Time Savings

BreakerRating integrates seamlessly with the Revit software, becoming an invaluable tool in the electrical design workflow. By automating the calculation process, it eliminates the need for manual calculations and reduces the risk of human error. This not only saves valuable time but also improves the accuracy and reliability of the electrical circuit design.

Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, the plugin ensures a smooth user experience. It is easily accessible through the Revit interface, allowing engineers to quickly implement the breaker standard ratings without any hassle.


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Enhanced Efficiency and Design Optimization

By utilizing BreakerRating, electrical engineers can optimize their designs by ensuring that the breaker standard rating is precisely tailored to the load requirements of each circuit. This level of customization guarantees efficient and safe electrical systems, minimizing the risk of overload and improving overall performance.

The plugin's compatibility with the NEC NFPA 70 standard breakers further establishes its reliability and adherence to industry standards. It empowers engineers to create designs that comply with the necessary regulations, making BreakerRating an essential tool for electrical design professionals.


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BreakerRating is a powerful plugin for Autodesk Revit that simplifies the process of calculating breaker standard ratings for electrical circuits. With its intelligent associations and seamless integration, it streamlines the electrical design workflow, saving time and enhancing accuracy. By customizing breaker ratings based on load requirements, engineers can optimize their designs and ensure compliance with industry standards. For all electrical design professionals using Revit, BreakerRating is an indispensable tool that improves efficiency and delivers outstanding results.


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