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Export to Unity

Export to Unity

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About this app

Revit, the widely-used architectural design software, just got even better with the introduction of the "Export to Unity" plugin. Designed to enhance the workflow between Revit and Unity, this indispensable tool allows users to export their Revit models directly to Unity, complete with materials and textures. Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of this remarkable plugin.

Effortless Model Transfer

Gone are the days of tedious manual transfers or complex workarounds. With "Export to Unity," you can effortlessly send visible elements of a 3D View to the assets folder of your Unity Project. The plugin generates OBJ, MTL, and image files that can be smoothly read by Unity, as well as other popular VR and modeling software like Unreal Engine and Blender.


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Flexible Grouping Options

Whether you want to organize your exported models by materials, entities, or as a single object, "Export to Unity" has got you covered. This flexibility ensures that you can easily navigate and manipulate your models within Unity, saving you valuable time and effort.


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Seamless Compatibility

Unity, the leading real-time development platform, has long been the go-to choice for creating stunning interactive experiences. With "Export to Unity," Revit users can seamlessly integrate their architectural designs into the Unity environment. By harnessing the power of Unity's advanced rendering capabilities, you can bring your Revit models to life and explore them in breathtaking detail.

It's worth noting that "Export to Unity" is only compatible with Revit version 2018.1 or higher. Therefore, ensure that you have the latest version installed before enjoying the benefits of this incredible plugin.


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Minor Limitations

While "Export to Unity" excels in its functionality, it does have a couple of minor limitations. Currently, image angles from textures are not supported. If a Revit material includes a rotated image, the equivalent material in Unity will reset the angle to 0. However, this does not diminish the overall usability and effectiveness of the plugin.


In conclusion, "Export to Unity" is a game-changing plugin for Revit users looking to seamlessly transfer their architectural models to Unity. The effortless model transfer, flexible grouping options, and seamless compatibility with Unity make it an invaluable asset for architects, designers, and visualization professionals alike. Despite its minor limitations, the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. So, why wait? Download "Export to Unity" today and unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for your Revit designs.

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