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If you are a seasoned Autodesk® Revit® user, you know the importance of optimizing your workflow to enhance productivity. Fortunately, the Egan Project Startup plugin is here to simplify your Revit experience. Designed to provide startup utilities for Revit, this plugin offers a range of features aimed at improving efficiency and streamlining common tasks. From creating local files with ease to displaying custom help documents and splash views, Egan Project Startup is a must-have addition to your toolkit.


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Enhance File Management with Local File Maker

One of the standout features of Egan Project Startup is the Local File Maker. Gone are the days of manually creating local files and navigating through a series of folders. This plugin presents users with a list of recently used central files, allowing them to make a new local file with just a single click. This feature alone can save precious time and eliminate the hassle of file management, allowing you to focus on your design work. Please note, however, that the Local File Maker does not currently support Revit Server files.


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Seamless File Compatibility with Previous Version Filter

Have you ever opened a Revit file only to realize it was last saved in a previous version? The Previous Version Filter feature in Egan Project Startup solves this problem effortlessly. When selecting a file saved in an older version, the plugin displays an alert, giving you the option to continue or cancel the file open. This not only ensures seamless compatibility but also prevents potential compatibility issues. In cases where batch upgrading is necessary, the alert can be conveniently suppressed.


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Customize and Display Your Help Documents and Splash View

For companies that have developed their own help documents, Egan Project Startup provides an intuitive solution to make them readily available to all users. With a customizable icon on the ribbon and/or a keyboard shortcut, accessing your custom help file has never been easier. Additionally, if your company policy dictates synchronizing with central from a specific view, the plugin offers an icon to display your splash view. These features promote consistency and efficiency throughout your team's workflow.


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Automate Worksharing Monitor on Project Startup

Ensuring that everyone on your team remembers to start the worksharing monitor can be a challenge. With Egan Project Startup, you can automate this process, saving time and reducing the chances of oversight. By setting the plugin to start the worksharing monitor on project startup, you can streamline collaboration and maintain a smooth workflow. This feature is especially useful for companies with a policy of utilizing the worksharing monitor but struggle with consistent implementation.


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Central File Information on Prints

When printing documents from Revit, knowing the central file location is crucial for efficient file management and version control. The Update Central Filename on Prints feature in Egan Project Startup allows you to display the central file name on prints, eliminating any confusion or ambiguity. You can either use the provided shared parameter or assign your own, giving you complete control over the information displayed. This feature promotes transparency and facilitates seamless collaboration within your team.


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Effortless View Template Application

Changing view types in Revit can often lead to inconsistencies and manual adjustments. With Egan Project Startup, this common challenge becomes a thing of the past. By enabling the plugin's Automatic View Template Swap feature, you can automatically apply the correct view template whenever a view's type is changed. This ensures consistency and saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual adjustments. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and embrace a more streamlined workflow.


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Customize Line Weights for Challenging Categories

Have you ever struggled to get Revit to print certain line weights exactly the way you want them? Egan Project Startup offers a solution to this frustration. By using the plugin's line weight adjustment setting, you can effortlessly modify cut and surface pattern line weights for challenging categories such as Ceilings, Floors, Roofs, and Walls. Achieve the precise print results you desire, enhancing the visual quality of your designs and ensuring a polished final product.


Egan Project Startup is a game-changing plugin for Autodesk Revit, offering an array of features that enhance your workflow and streamline common tasks. From simplifying file management with the Local File Maker to automating the worksharing monitor on project startup, this plugin saves time, reduces errors, and promotes collaboration. Furthermore, features like displaying custom help documents, splash views, and central file information on prints add a layer of customization and professionalism to your projects. Say goodbye to tedious manual adjustments and welcome a more efficient Revit experience with Egan Project Startup.

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