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In the world of Autodesk® Revit®, ensuring model efficiency is crucial to meet project goals and stay within budget. However, it is common for projects to encounter slow syncs, delayed openings, and crashes, hindering team productivity. This is where the Cleaner2024 plugin comes to the rescue.


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Efficiency at its Best

Cleaner2024 is a powerful Revit plugin that tackles common issues faced by Revit users. It simplifies operations in the model, improves team productivity, and ensures smooth project execution.


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Streamlining Linked Files

One of the major advantages of Cleaner2024 is its ability to clean up linked files. Often, linked files can be large and include unnecessary information. With this plugin, users can easily delete unneeded views, sheets, and purge out unused families. This streamlines the Revit model, leading to faster syncs and a more efficient workflow.


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Model Management Made Easy

Not only does Cleaner2024 enhance productivity, but it also facilitates model management. This plugin allows users to remove information from a Revit Project/Template or Family, reducing the file size of models before linking them to projects or sending them to outside consultants. It effectively removes Drawing Sheets Legends Links, CAD Links, Revit Links, Images Links, DWF Materials, Model Groups, Reports, Schedules, Scope Boxes, Sheets, and Views, ensuring a clean and optimized model.


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Seamless Integration

Cleaner2024 seamlessly integrates into the Revit environment, making it incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly navigate through the various cleaning options available. This ensures that even users with minimal technical expertise can easily utilize the plugin to improve their workflow.


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Improved Productivity

By eliminating unnecessary elements and purging out unused families, Cleaner2024 significantly enhances project productivity. Users no longer have to waste time dealing with slow syncs or crashes caused by bloated files. Instead, they can focus on what truly matters – designing and collaborating seamlessly with their team.


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Enhanced Collaboration

Cleaner2024 promotes effective collaboration by reducing file sizes. Smaller files are quicker to send and receive, allowing for smoother collaboration with outside consultants. This plugin ensures that models can be easily shared and worked on without any technical roadblocks, emphasizing the importance of seamless teamwork.


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Cleaner2024 is an essential plugin for any Autodesk Revit user looking to enhance their model efficiency. With its ability to clean up linked files, remove unnecessary information, and reduce file sizes, this plugin streamlines the workflow, improves productivity, and facilitates seamless collaboration. Give Cleaner2024 a try and experience the difference it can make to your Revit projects!

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