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JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free

JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free

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Efficient file management is crucial for any professional working with Autodesk® AutoCAD® or other CAD applications. The ability to quickly identify and sort files based on their properties can save valuable time and improve productivity. JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free is a powerful Revit plugin that brings a host of useful features to Windows Explorer/File Explorer, enabling users to easily view and organize their DWG files without the need for AutoCAD installation.


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Unleash the Power of Windows Explorer/File Explorer

With JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free, you can display the DWG version directly in the Explorer columns. This allows you to instantly identify the version of a DWG file without opening it. The plugin also extends its functionality to file dialog boxes within AutoCAD or other supported applications, providing consistent access to crucial information across your workflow.

Enhanced Sorting Capabilities

Sorting files based on their version is made effortless with JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free. The plugin adds a new dimension to your file management by allowing you to arrange DWG files in Windows Explorer/File Explorer based on their version. This can significantly streamline your workflow, especially when dealing with multiple versions of the same file.

DWG versions column in Explorer
DWG versions column in Explorer

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Maximize Company-Wide Visibility

One of the standout features of JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free is its ability to provide valuable information to everyone in your organization, regardless of whether they have AutoCAD installed. By simply installing the plugin, all users can view the DWG version within Explorer columns or file dialog boxes. This ensures consistent and accurate file management practices across your company.

Hover-Based Information Access

In addition to displaying the DWG version in Explorer columns, the plugin also offers an InfoTip (ToolTip) feature. When hovering over a file, you can quickly access the DWG or DXF version, further enhancing your ability to identify and manage files effectively.


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Customizable Columns and Properties

JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free provides an extensive range of customizable columns and properties to suit your specific needs. Alongside the DWG version, you can choose from up to 30 custom properties, including title, subject, author, comments, created date, hyperlink base, keywords, last saved by, last updated, revision number, DWG Editing Time, DWG Created By, DWG ID, DWG Reg, and DWG Build. This comprehensive set of properties ensures that you have access to all the necessary information right at your fingertips.

Additional Functionality with the Full Version

While JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free provides an impressive array of features, a full version is also available for users who require even more properties. The full version allows you to unlock additional properties, giving you an even deeper insight into your files.


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JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free is a must-have plugin for anyone working with DWG files. With its ability to display the DWG version in Explorer columns, provide hover-based information access, and offer customizable columns and properties, this plugin greatly enhances file management efficiency. Whether you are an AutoCAD user or work with other CAD applications, JTB DWG Columns for Explorer Free is a valuable tool that ensures seamless file organization and maximizes productivity. Try the 30-day trial of the full version and unlock the true potential of your file management experience today!

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