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ArchVISION RP - Direct calculation to PriMus®

ArchVISION RP - Direct calculation to PriMus®

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Review: ArchVISION RP - Direct calculation to PriMus®


ArchVISION RP is a powerful Revit plugin developed by Mcs Software that offers direct and dynamic calculation capabilities within PriMus®. With its user-friendly interface and multilingual support, ArchVISION RP is an essential tool for architects, engineers, and construction professionals working with Autodesk Revit.

Key Features

Version 24.0 of ArchVISION RP introduces significant technological improvements, making it a must-have plugin for Revit users. Some of its key features include:

1. Drag&Drop from Microsoft Excel and Word

ArchVISION RP allows seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word, enabling users to import data directly into Revit. This feature saves time and eliminates the need for manual data entry, improving efficiency and accuracy in project calculations.

2. Quick Computing

The plugin offers quick and efficient calculation capabilities, ensuring that users can perform dynamic calculations in PriMus® without any delays. This feature enhances productivity and enables real-time project analysis.

3. Revit Find

ArchVISION RP includes a powerful search functionality called Revit Find, which allows users to locate specific elements or components within their Revit models. This feature streamlines the navigation process and simplifies project management.

4. Automatic Deduction of Doors and Windows

One of the standout features of ArchVISION RP is its ability to automatically deduct doors and windows from the walls in which they are inserted. This automation saves time and ensures accurate calculations, eliminating the risk of human error.

5. Worksharing Mode

ArchVISION RP supports worksharing mode, allowing multiple users to collaborate on computations and related information simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful for large-scale projects and teams working in different locations.

6. Multilevel WBS Structures

The optional Pro module of ArchVISION RP enables the management of multilevel WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) structures. This feature provides a hierarchical view of project data, facilitating better organization and analysis.

7. MEP Computation

With the MEP module, ArchVISION RP extends its capabilities to plant and system computation. This feature enhances the plugin's functionality for MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) projects, enabling comprehensive project analysis.

8. IFC Integration

The IFC module allows seamless integration of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) files and projects imported into Revit. This feature enhances interoperability and enables collaboration with stakeholders using different software platforms.

9. Complete Integration in the Revit Ribbon

ArchVISION RP is fully integrated into the Revit ribbon, providing easy access to all its features and functionalities. This integration ensures a seamless user experience and allows efficient workflow within Revit.

10. Schedule of Materials

The plugin includes a powerful schedule of materials feature that automatically creates and manages material lists. This feature saves time and effort in generating accurate project documentation.

11. Direct Remote Assistance

ArchVISION RP offers direct remote assistance from the MCS Software staff, ensuring prompt support and assistance whenever needed. This feature enhances the overall user experience and provides peace of mind.


ArchVISION RP is a game-changing Revit plugin that empowers professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Its comprehensive features, including dynamic calculation, integration with Microsoft Excel and Word, automatic deduction of doors and windows, and extensive module support, make it an indispensable tool for any Revit user.

With ArchVISION RP, users can streamline their workflows, improve project accuracy, and enhance collaboration. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a student, this plugin is worth exploring. We highly recommend giving it a try and experiencing the benefits firsthand.

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