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ReluxCAD for Autodesk® Revit®

ReluxCAD for Autodesk® Revit®

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An Introduction to ReluxCAD for Revit

A well-designed lighting plan can greatly enhance the ambiance and functionality of any space. With the ReluxCAD for Autodesk® Revit® plugin, lighting planning in Revit has never been easier. Whether you are an electrical engineer, a lighting designer, or simply someone interested in lighting design, this powerful add-on is here to revolutionize your workflow.

ReluxCAD for Revit offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to experience its features firsthand before making a commitment. This plugin seamlessly integrates with Revit, providing a bidirectional interface that enables loss-free communication with ReluxDesktop. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between programs and enjoy a streamlined workflow.


(Image by: Relux Informatik AG)

The Power of ReluxCAD for Revit

One of the standout features of ReluxCAD for Revit is its automated calculation and positioning of luminaires. With the calculation based on the point-to-point method, you can ensure accurate lighting calculations without the need for manual intervention. This not only saves time but also enhances the quality of your specialist planning.

Whether you're working on an interior or exterior project, ReluxCAD for Revit has got you covered. The plugin offers measurement areas for both interior and exterior spaces, ensuring comprehensive lighting planning for any project. Additionally, it adheres to the latest standards, including EN12464-1:2021 and ASR A3.4, guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations.

Complex product display is made simple with ReluxCAD for Revit. The plugin provides a clear and intuitive interface that allows for the accurate representation of even the most intricate lighting fixtures. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise lighting simulations.

Another exciting feature of ReluxCAD for Revit is its simulation of IEC 63180 passive infrared sensor. This feature allows for the accurate representation of sensor-activated lighting systems, enabling you to design with precision.


(Image by: Relux Informatik AG)

Enhancements in the Pipeline

ReluxCAD for Revit is committed to continuous improvement, with a roadmap of exciting developments on the horizon. One highly anticipated update is the addition of emergency lighting calculation, set to be released in autumn 2023. This enhancement will further expand the capabilities of the plugin and make it an indispensable tool for lighting planning.


(Image by: Relux Informatik AG)

System Requirements and Support

ReluxCAD for Revit is compatible with Revit versions 2016 and later. This ensures that users with a wide range of Revit installations can benefit from the plugin's features. The plugin also comes with a range of support services, including regular updates, online self-study training, live courses, free support, and a comprehensive knowledge database.

ReluxCAD for Revit is brought to you by Relux, a trusted company in the lighting industry since 1998. With a commitment to standard-conform planning and best practices, you can be confident that you are using a reliable and reputable plugin.


(Image by: Relux Informatik AG)

Feedback from Satisfied Customers

Don't just take our word for it - hear what our customers have to say about ReluxCAD for Revit:

"We are currently evaluating ReluxCAD for Revit for lighting calculation in Revit and are impressed with its features! One major advantage is the extensive database of luminaire families, which can be supplemented with our own families." - Tebin, Poland

"ReluxCAD for Revit improves the workflow for lighting design using Revit. A great tool for both lighting designers and electrical engineers." - Kristina Allison, Senior Lighting Designer, Atkins London, United Kingdom

"RELUX is ready for the future because they are connected to BIM. And BIM is the future." - Léon de Wit, Lighting Designer, TRILUX Benelux

"ReluxCAD for Revit reduces our planning steps from the lighting calculation to the BIM model and makes our work in large projects more efficient." - Christina Königl, Lighting Designer, SÜSS Beratende Ingenieure Part GmbB, Germany


If you're looking to enhance your lighting planning in Revit, ReluxCAD for Autodesk® Revit® is the plugin for you. With its automated calculation and positioning of luminaires, comprehensive measurement areas, clear product display, and future enhancements in the pipeline, this powerful add-on is a game-changer.

Experience the benefits of ReluxCAD for Revit with a free 30-day trial. Book a free product presentation and discover how this plugin can make your lighting design work processes more efficient. With support in multiple languages and a trusted company backing it, ReluxCAD for Revit is your key to unlocking a new level of lighting planning excellence.

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