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Door Factory Preview 2022

Door Factory Preview 2022

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About this app

Revit, the widely-used building information modeling (BIM) software, has always been a powerful tool for architects and designers. However, creating and customizing doors in Revit can sometimes be a time-consuming task, requiring a deep dive into the family editor. Fortunately, the Door Factory Preview 2022 plugin offers a solution that allows you to create any hinge or double hinge door you want in just seconds, without the need for complex editing. Let's take a closer look at this remarkable plugin and how it can significantly improve your productivity.

Effortless Door Creation and Customization

Gone are the days of spending valuable time tinkering with the Revit family editor to create doors. With Door Factory Preview 2022, you can effortlessly generate standard and curtain panel single and double hinge doors with just a few clicks. The best part? The Preview Version is absolutely free and has no expiry date, enabling you to explore the plugin's capabilities without any limitations.


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Unlocking Premium Features

If you're looking to unlock additional functionality and expand your door design possibilities, the Premium Version of Door Factory is the way to go. Along with single and double hinge doors, the Premium Version offers a plethora of door types including bi-fold doors (available in 14 different configurations), surface, pocket, and contained sliding doors (available in 15 different configurations), garage doors, hatches, stacking doors, and even interconnecting doors for spaces like hotel rooms.

Furthermore, both the Preview and Premium versions allow you to create and add your own panels and handles, providing you with unlimited combinations and customization options. With the Premium Version, you can also incorporate custom trim profiles and user components such as sills, pelmets, decorative moldings, and overpanels. The flexibility offered by Door Factory truly empowers you to achieve unique and personalized door designs.


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Streamlining Your Workflow

Door Factory Preview 2022 goes beyond door creation and customization by streamlining your entire design process. By enabling you to create doors as and when you need them, the plugin helps you stay focused on your design without unnecessary interruptions. The ability to achieve consistency across all doors in your project by reusing common components further enhances your productivity.

In addition, the plugin allows you to open and close doors in 3D to suit your walkthroughs and renders, providing a realistic visualization of how your doors will function within the space. With the inclusion of accessibility clearance diagrams, you can ensure compliance with accessibility standards and regulations.


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Intuitive Editing and Customization Options

The Door Factory Preview 2022 plugin offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily edit and save default values and settings for all doors. You can specify jamb, panel, and trim dimensions, handle offsets, and tolerances according to your project requirements. The elevation swing indicator can be adjusted to point to either the hinge or handle, aligning with international graphic standards.

Furthermore, doors created with the plugin come with built-in wall alignment parameters, enabling precise positioning within the wall. You can align the jamb (and panel if applicable) to the center of the wall, exterior face, or interior face. The plugin even allows you to create offset values for precise door placement. These features contribute to a seamless integration of doors into your project.


(Image by: RevitWorks Ltd)

Optimized User Experience

Door Factory Preview 2022 excels not only in functionality but also in its user experience. The doors created with the plugin offer an appropriate level of detail, ensuring fast manipulation and a manageable parameter list. Additionally, the plugin follows a consistent and logical naming convention for all parameters, making it easy to understand and work with the doors. The shared parameters are also consistent, allowing for convenient and logical scheduling of doors, including both standard and curtain panel types.


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The Door Factory Preview 2022 plugin is a game-changer for door creation and customization in Revit. Its effortless generation of hinge and double hinge doors, coupled with the extensive range of door types and customization options, empowers architects and designers to achieve unique and personalized designs in a fraction of the time. The plugin's intuitive editing features, built-in wall alignment parameters, and optimized user experience further enhance its appeal.

Whether you opt for the free Preview Version or decide to unlock the full potential with the Premium Version, Door Factory is a must-have plugin for anyone working with Revit. It offers a simplified and streamlined workflow, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your design. Try Door Factory Preview 2022 today and discover a new level of efficiency and creativity in your door design process.


(Image by: RevitWorks Ltd)

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