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SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022

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About this app

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022: Streamlining Reinforcement Sheets in Autodesk® Revit®


When it comes to creating reinforcement sheets from 3D models in Autodesk® Revit®, the process can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, with the introduction of SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022, the creation of 2D reinforcement sheets has never been easier. This powerful plugin offers a range of functionalities that significantly accelerate the detailing process, allowing users to save time and increase productivity.

Accelerated Reinforcement Detailing Process

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 consists of software and a set of families that can be easily customized to meet local or company standards. The plugin allows for the creation of bar lists, bending schedules, and cut lists for wire meshes. This comprehensive set of tools ensures that users can generate detailed and accurate reinforcement sheets with ease.

One of the standout features of SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 is its ability to set marks per project, sheet, or host. This flexibility allows for efficient organization and management of reinforcement elements. Additionally, users have the option to set marks according to additional criteria, such as running length, whether the bar is bent or not, couplers, and more.

The plugin also offers customizable reinforcement schedules and cut lists for fabric sheets. This feature enables users to tailor their detailing process to specific project requirements and preferences. Moreover, SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 allows for the grouping of bars to a specific SOFiSTiK Rebar Container based on its layout, simplifying the organization and visualization of reinforcement elements.

Copying reinforcement with all annotations, details, dimensions, and related views is effortless with this plugin. This functionality saves valuable time and ensures consistency across reinforcement sheets. Additionally, the SOFiSTiK Multiplier feature allows users to easily adjust the quantity of Rebar Sets and Fabric Sheets, further streamlining the detailing process.

Enhanced Detailing Tools and Functionality

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 offers a range of detailing tools that enhance the clarity and accuracy of reinforcement layouts. These tools include indicators for rebar layout, bar ends, layers, and more. With these tools at their disposal, users can easily communicate the intended reinforcement design, facilitating efficient collaboration among stakeholders.

The plugin also includes rebar or fabric shape details, allowing users to represent partial rebar sets or entire marks with ease. This functionality ensures that the reinforcement sheets provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the project's reinforcement requirements.

Shape Code detection is another notable feature of SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022. The plugin automatically detects shape codes according to various national standards. This built-in functionality streamlines the detailing process and eliminates the need for manual shape code input, further increasing productivity.

Reinforcement Layer functionality is available for floors, walls, and foundation slabs. Users can easily add layers of reinforcement to these elements, ensuring accurate representation of complex reinforcement designs. Additionally, the plugin offers a tendon workflow that simplifies the creation, tagging, and detailing of tendons.


SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 is a game-changer when it comes to reinforcing detailing in Autodesk® Revit®. With its comprehensive set of features and intuitive interface, this plugin significantly accelerates the creation of 2D reinforcement sheets from 3D models. From customizable content packs to flexible mark settings, the plugin offers a range of tools that facilitate efficient organization and management of reinforcement elements.

Detailing tools and functionalities, such as rebar and fabric shape details, shape code detection, and reinforcement layer functionality, enhance the clarity and accuracy of reinforcement layouts. These features enable users to communicate their reinforcement design effectively and collaborate with ease.

If you are looking to streamline your reinforcement detailing process and increase productivity, we highly recommend giving SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2022 a try. This powerful plugin is a valuable addition to any Autodesk® Revit® workflow, saving time and effort while ensuring accurate and comprehensive reinforcement sheets.

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