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RVT 2 DWG (PWGSC Ontario)

RVT 2 DWG (PWGSC Ontario)

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About this app


The RVT 2 DWG Suite is a remarkable line of conversion utilities that revolutionizes the process of converting Autodesk Revit Models into standard Autodesk AutoCAD DWG file format. With its extensive customization options and compatibility with different Federal and Provincial Government Departments, as well as commercial clients, this plugin is an essential tool for anyone using Revit to create AutoCAD drawing files that need to meet specific DWG CAD Standards.

Efficiency and Labor-Saving Benefits

If you are an Architect, Structural, Mechanical, or Electrical engineer, or even an Interior Designer/Decorator, who has chosen Revit for its efficiency over other CAD platforms, RVT 2 DWG is the perfect addition to complete your workflow. This powerful plugin will save you countless days of labor by automating the conversion process and ensuring the output adheres to the required DWG CAD Standard.

Results and Errors BEFORE running the RT2DWG - PWGSC Ontario app
Results and Errors BEFORE running the RT2DWG - PWGSC Ontario app

(Image by: SolidCAD)

Customization and Standards

RVT 2 DWG currently offers four different standards: PWGSC Atlantic, PWGSC NCA, PWGSC Ontario, and NS DTI (Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure). However, if your company requires conversion to a different company standard not listed, the developers are open to adjusting the software to meet your specific requirements. This commitment to customization ensures that the plugin caters to diverse needs and industry standards.

The Conversion Process

Utilizing RVT 2 DWG is a straightforward three-step process. Firstly, before creating the model, users need to familiarize themselves with the pre-built Revit families that come bundled with the conversion utility. These families, such as TitleBlocks, Elevation, Section and Detail Markers, are specific to each standard and ensure compliance with the desired conversion standard.

Secondly, users can take advantage of the Revit Export to CAD conversion utility, which maps Revit objects to AutoCAD layers as closely as possible based on the chosen standard. While Revit's export function provides a solid foundation, it often introduces inconsistencies in Text Styles, Dimension Styles, and layers. This is where the third and final step comes into play.

The RVT 2 DWG conversion utility, which can be run in batch mode using ScriptPro, takes the DWG file created by Revit with the specified template and cleans up any messy elements. This ensures that the resulting DWG file passes any Quality Assurance checks and guarantees a seamless transition from Revit to AutoCAD.

Installation and Support

Installation support for RVT 2 DWG is provided free of charge. In case users require additional product support, it can be purchased separately. After purchasing the software and completing the payment process, users will receive an email containing an Install Key. This Install Key is essential for the installation and operation of the plugin, ensuring a secure and seamless experience.

Results in NO Errors AFTER running the RT2DWG - PWGSC Ontario app
Results in NO Errors AFTER running the RT2DWG - PWGSC Ontario app

(Image by: SolidCAD)

Pre-Requisite: PWGSC QA Check

Before submitting your converted DWG file to PWGSC (Public Works and Government Services Canada), a mandatory Quality Assurance check must be performed. As part of the QA check, users are required to download and install the FREE PWGSC Atlantic CAD Standard software. This software provides the necessary PWGSC Color Tables for printing, ensuring compliance with PWGSC requirements.

It is important to note that this app utilizes a custom installer, different from the standard App Store installer. This ensures a smooth and efficient installation process, tailored to the unique needs of RVT 2 DWG and PWGSC integration.


RVT 2 DWG (PWGSC Ontario) is a game-changer for architects, engineers, and designers relying on Revit for their drafting and modeling needs. By seamlessly converting Revit models to AutoCAD DWG files, this plugin significantly reduces labor-intensive processes and ensures compliance with specific DWG CAD Standards. Its extensive customization options, compatibility with various government departments and commercial clients, and dedicated product support make it a valuable addition to any Revit user's toolkit. Experience the efficiency and convenience of RVT 2 DWG (PWGSC Ontario) and unlock your true design potential!

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