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RVT 2 DWG (DND Standard)

RVT 2 DWG (DND Standard)

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If you are a user of Autodesk® Revit® who needs to convert your models and sheets to a standard Autodesk® AutoCAD® DWG file format, then the RVT 2 DWG Suite is here to simplify your workflow. This line of conversion utilities offers a comprehensive solution for converting Revit files to DWG while adhering to specific DWG CAD Standards. Whether you are an architect, structural engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, or interior designer, this plugin will save you countless days of labor and ensure your files meet the required quality assurance (QA) standards.

Customized Conversion Utilities for Various Government Departments and Commercial Clients

The RVT 2 DWG Suite goes beyond the built-in Revit Export to CAD option by offering customized conversion utilities tailored for different Canadian Federal and Provincial Government Departments, as well as commercial clients. While currently available for Canadian standards, the plugin is also set to expand its offerings to include US Federal and State standards in the future.

Efficiency and Accuracy for Revit Users

One of the main advantages of using Revit is its efficiency over traditional CAD platforms like AutoCAD. However, when it comes to meeting specific DWG CAD Standards, Revit may fall short. This is where the RVT 2 DWG plugin comes in. By seamlessly integrating with Revit, it allows users to finalize their projects by converting them to DWG format while adhering to their desired company standards.

Whether you are an architect creating AutoCAD drawing files or an engineer working on structural, mechanical, or electrical aspects, the RVT 2 DWG plugin ensures a smooth transition from Revit to AutoCAD. It eliminates the hassle of manually adjusting text styles, dimension styles, layers, and other items that may get distorted during the conversion process.

Streamlined 3-Step Conversion Process

The RVT 2 DWG conversion process consists of three simple steps:

  1. Preparation: Before creating the model, users must familiarize themselves with the pre-built Revit families included in the conversion utility. These families, such as TitleBlocks, Elevation, Section and Details Markers, ensure compliance with the desired DWG CAD Standard.
  2. Mapping: The plugin utilizes the Revit Export to CAD conversion utility to map Revit objects to AutoCAD layers as closely as possible based on the selected standard. This step ensures that the converted file retains the desired layer structure and organization.
  3. Cleanup: The final step involves using the RVT 2 DWG conversion utility, which can be run in batch mode using ScriptPro. This utility effectively cleans up any messy elements in the DWG file, ensuring it meets the QA Standards required by organizations like PWGSC or DND.

With this streamlined process, you can save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your projects.

Installation and Support

Installing the RVT 2 DWG plugin is a breeze, and installation support is provided free of charge. However, it is highly recommended to purchase product support separately to ensure you receive prompt assistance whenever needed.

Upon purchasing the software and processing the payment, you will receive an email containing an Install Key. This key is essential for installing and running the plugin smoothly. Please note that trial versions of the software are not available.

Additional Recommendations for DND Users

If you are a user associated with the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND), the RVT 2 DWG plugin offers additional features to enhance your workflow. DND recommends downloading their DND Checker, a free desktop app that helps ensure the compliance of your drawings before submitting them. To use the DND Checker effectively, you will also need to download and install the free DND CAD Standards, which provide the necessary Color Table (CTB) files for printing.

Please note that at the time of writing, DND is in the process of creating and updating a new DND Standard Checker. The compatibility of our app with the new checker cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, DND may remove the current version (1.1.6) from their website or offerings in the future.

Sample report from the DND Checker ver 1.116. Shows no Error, 100% pass.
Sample report from the DND Checker ver 1.116. Shows no Error, 100% pass.

(Image by: SolidCAD)


The RVT 2 DWG (DND Standard) plugin is an invaluable tool for Revit users who need to convert their files to the standard AutoCAD DWG format. By providing customized conversion utilities and a streamlined 3-step process, this plugin ensures your projects meet the required DWG CAD Standards effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual adjustments and countless hours spent on QA checks. Embrace the efficiency of Revit and enhance it further with the power of RVT 2 DWG. Install it today and experience the difference!

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