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BIMSens: A Time-Saving Revit Plugin for Data Visualization and Editing

Revit is a widely used software tool in the architecture and engineering industry, known for its robust capabilities in BIM (Building Information Modeling). However, creating interactive apps and dashboards with read and write interactions between data sources and 3D viewers often requires coding skills and a significant amount of time. This is where BIMSens comes in, offering a flexible and user-friendly solution to streamline the process.

Efficient App and Dashboard Creation

BIMSens allows users to create apps and dashboards without the need for coding skills, enabling them to save valuable time and effort. With BIMSens, the development process is significantly accelerated compared to standard methods. Now, even those without extensive programming knowledge can easily create interactive and dynamic interfaces for their Revit and Navisworks models.

Seamless Data Source and 3D Viewer Integration

One of the key features of BIMSens is its ability to dynamically associate data sources and 3D objects from Autodesk Navisworks or Revit. This opens up a world of possibilities for data visualization and editing within the model. Users can apply color filtering, transfer data, and directly edit information from the model itself.

Real-Time Collaboration and Centralized Data Management

BIMSens allows multiple users to access and interact with centralized data in real time. Whether they possess 3D skills or not, users can visualize, search, filter, and edit data using custom forms. This promotes efficient collaboration and ensures that everyone involved in the project is working with the most up-to-date information. With BIMSens, there's no need for data copies or model conversion – everything is simple and hassle-free.

To activate the Free or Personal license of BIMSens, users can follow the instructions provided on the BIMSens website. It's worth noting that this app uses a custom installer, not the standard App Store installer.


BIMSens is a game-changer for those working with Revit and Navisworks. It eliminates the need for coding skills and significantly reduces the time required to create interactive apps and dashboards. With its seamless integration of data sources and 3D viewers, real-time collaboration capabilities, and centralized data management, BIMSens empowers users to streamline their workflow and make data visualization and editing more efficient than ever before. If you're looking for a user-friendly solution to enhance your Revit experience, give BIMSens a try – you won't be disappointed.

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