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Codemill DataManager

Codemill DataManager

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When it comes to managing large-scale construction projects in Autodesk® Revit®, the process can often become overwhelming. The need to efficiently store, organize, and access project information and documentation is crucial to ensure successful collaboration between project stakeholders throughout the design, construction, management, and lifecycle phases. This is where Codemill DataManager comes into play, providing a powerful plugin that combines data management and reporting modules within a graphical user interface built around a common SQL database.


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A Robust Data Management Solution

Codemill DataManager revolutionizes data management in Revit, offering a seamless integration with other database applications. By consolidating project information and documentation into a single resource, it simplifies the handing over or transferring of data between project stakeholders. The plugin allows users to efficiently search, link, tag, color code, and report on information stored in Revit models and linked external databases.


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Enhanced Functionality for Revit

Running Revit alongside Codemill DataManager and Reporter unlocks a range of powerful functionalities. The ability to search, link, tag, and color code information within Revit models facilitates streamlined navigation and data retrieval. The plugin also caters to the needs of on-site construction and maintenance teams, enabling the capture and integration of new construction and maintenance data into the digital model.


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Delivering Extra Value

Codemill DataManager is not only a valuable tool for builders, planners, and subcontractors, but it also enables the creation of a comprehensive digital model that can be handed over to project owners and operators as a deliverable. This not only saves time and effort but also provides clients with an added level of value and helps businesses win more projects.


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Before installing Codemill DataManager, it is essential to have the SQLite database driver (dcsqlitefree.exe) installed. To ensure a smooth installation process, download the driver and sample files from the following link: http://www.codemill.fi/download/RevitDataManagerSample.zip


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Codemill DataManager is an indispensable plugin for anyone working with Autodesk® Revit®. Its robust data management and reporting capabilities simplify the handling of project information and documentation, enhancing collaboration among stakeholders. By integrating seamlessly with Revit and external databases, it empowers users to efficiently search, link, tag, color code, and report on data. With the ability to capture on-site information and deliver a comprehensive digital model, Codemill DataManager adds significant value and helps businesses succeed in the competitive construction industry.


(Image by: Codemill Oy)

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