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Egan Sheet Matrix

Egan Sheet Matrix

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Revit is a powerful software solution for architects and designers, but sometimes managing views and sheets can become a time-consuming task. That's where the Egan Sheet Matrix plugin comes in. This innovative tool is designed to automate the renumbering of views on sheets according to a user-defined matrix, making the process efficient and effortless.


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Automated Renumbering

One of the standout features of the Egan Sheet Matrix application is its ability to automatically renumber views on sheets. By utilizing a user-defined matrix, the plugin ensures that views are renumbered in accordance with the Uniform Drawing System/ Drawing Area Coordinate System of the U.S. National Cad Standard. This adherence to industry standards ensures consistency and precision in your project documentation.


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Flexible Configuration

While the Egan Sheet Matrix plugin is designed to conform to the U.S. National Cad Standard, it can easily be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of your company. This flexibility allows you to tailor the application to match your existing workflows and conventions, minimizing any disruption to your established practices.

The plugin's typical module numbering functionality is particularly useful. It automatically renumbers any detail that is placed on a sheet or moved on a sheet, based on the currently assigned titleblock module. This feature simplifies the renumbering process, ensuring that your views are correctly labeled and organized.


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Duplicate and Out of Matrix Numbers

In the rare case of a duplicate module number, the Egan Sheet Matrix plugin handles it with ease. It appends "X-##" to the duplicate number, with "##" being a random number. This clear indication of duplication allows you to easily recognize and correct any duplicate module numbers, ensuring accuracy throughout your project.

If a detail is placed or moved outside of the matrix, the plugin identifies it as an "Out of Matrix Number" and designates it as "X-##," again using a random number. While the plugin provides this convention, it is your responsibility to recognize and rectify any details that fall outside of the matrix.


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Customizable Enable/Disable Options

The Egan Sheet Matrix application offers various enable/disable options, allowing you to retain control over the renumbering process. By utilizing the "Skip Egan Sheet Matrix" parameter on individual sheets, you can disable the plugin's functionality on sheets where renumbering of details may not be desired. This feature is especially useful for sheets containing 3D views, door details, or title sheets.

Further customization is achieved by enabling or disabling the plugin based on titleblock type. Only titleblock types that have a sheet matrix assigned will have their details renumbered. This granular control ensures that the plugin operates precisely where it is needed.

If you need to disable the plugin for an entire project, simply refrain from assigning matrix settings to any titleblock types or use the settings dialog to remove all assignments. This flexibility allows you to adapt the plugin to your specific project requirements.


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The Egan Sheet Matrix plugin is a game-changer for Revit users, offering a streamlined solution for renumbering views on sheets. Its automated functionality, flexible configuration options, and customizable enable/disable settings make it an indispensable tool for architects and designers.

By effortlessly conforming to industry standards and providing intuitive features to handle duplicate and out-of-matrix numbers, this plugin simplifies the renumbering process and enhances the accuracy of your project documentation. Give the Egan Sheet Matrix plugin a try today and experience the ease and efficiency it brings to your Revit workflow.


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(Image by: Egan BIM Resources)

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