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Egan Sheet Sequence

Egan Sheet Sequence

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About this app

Revit users often face challenges when it comes to renumbering views on sheets. Manual renumbering can be time-consuming and prone to errors. That's where the Egan Sheet Sequence plugin comes in. This powerful tool allows users to renumber views on sheets according to a user-defined sequence, making the process quick, accurate, and hassle-free.

Renumber Views On Sheets

With the Egan Sheet Sequence application, renumbering views on sheets is a breeze. The user-defined options provide flexibility to meet your specific requirements. You can choose from four start corners and select either a horizontal or vertical start direction. This customization ensures that the views are renumbered exactly the way you want them, in a seamless and intuitive manner.


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Typical Numbering

The app simplifies the renumbering process by automatically assigning numbers to all views placed within the margins of the titleblock on a sheet, based on the currently assigned titleblock sequence. This saves you valuable time and effort, as you no longer need to manually input the numbers for each view. The Egan Sheet Sequence plugin handles it all for you, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your project.


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Include Sheet Number

Customization is key with the Egan Sheet Sequence plugin. It offers a setting to include the sheet number along with the detail number, allowing you to provide additional context and organization to your views. You can easily set this option on a per-sheet basis, tailoring it to your project's specific requirements. Furthermore, the order of the sheet number and detail number can be modified, with the freedom to use a user-customized separator.


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Out of Range Views

In cases where a view is placed outside the margins of the titleblock, the Egan Sheet Sequence plugin ensures that it is not overlooked. Instead of assigning a random sequence number, the view is labeled as "X-###," where "###" represents a random number. This clear indication alerts users that the view is outside of the sequence, helping to maintain an organized workflow and prevent any potential confusion.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see the Egan Sheet Sequence plugin in action:


(Image by: Egan BIM Resources)

Enable/Disable By Titleblock Type

The Egan Sheet Sequence app takes advantage of Revit's titleblock types to provide even more control. Only titleblock types that have a sequence assigned will have their views renumbered. This feature allows for fine-grained management of the renumbering process, ensuring that only the necessary views are affected. It's a convenient and efficient way to streamline your workflow.


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The Egan Sheet Sequence plugin is a must-have tool for any Revit user who wants to enhance their productivity and accuracy when renumbering views on sheets. With its user-defined options, automatic renumbering, and customization capabilities, this plugin simplifies the process and saves valuable time. Say goodbye to manual renumbering and hello to a streamlined workflow with the Egan Sheet Sequence plugin.


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(Image by: Egan BIM Resources)


(Image by: Egan BIM Resources)

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