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Placing Light

Placing Light

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About this app


Are you tired of the tedious task of manually placing lights in your Revit projects? Look no further! Placing Light is the ultimate plugin that will revolutionize your light distribution process, saving you time and effort. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, this plugin is a must-have for any Revit user.


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)

Efficient Light Placement Made Easy

Placing Light simplifies the process of distributing lights inside a room by automatically inserting and distributing them in a standard distribution format. With just three simple steps, you can transform your workflow:

  1. Select the hosted light fixture in the false ceiling or Reference Plane.
  2. Pick two points on the screen to define a rectangular room.
  3. Enter the number of light rows and columns.

Placing Light takes care of the rest! It will automatically place the lights in the specified grid pattern, following the standard distribution of "X-2X-X" and "Y-2Y-Y" on the same false ceiling or Reference Plane. This intelligent automation eliminates the need for manual placement and ensures consistent and efficient light distribution throughout your project.


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)

Enhanced Productivity with Placing Light

By using Placing Light, you can significantly speed up your light placement process and increase your productivity. No longer will you waste valuable time manually positioning lights in every room. The plugin's ability to distribute lights in a standardized grid pattern eliminates human error and ensures consistent results.

Moreover, the intuitive user interface of Placing Light makes it incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. Its seamless integration into the Revit interface provides a seamless user experience, allowing you to focus on your design without any distractions.


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)


In conclusion, Placing Light is a game-changing Revit plugin that simplifies and accelerates the process of light distribution. With its intelligent automation and user-friendly interface, it saves you valuable time and enhances your productivity. Say goodbye to manual light placement and hello to efficient, consistent, and hassle-free light distribution with Placing Light. Try it now and witness the transformation in your Revit workflow!


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)


(Image by: Ehab M.A Bkheit)

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