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ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit®

ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit®

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Revit® is a powerful software for architects and designers, offering a wide range of tools for creating and visualizing 3D models. However, when it comes to exporting these models to other platforms or applications, it can sometimes be a challenging task. This is where ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® comes in to save the day. This plugin provides a seamless solution for exporting solid bodies and sketches from Revit to OBJ files, a format widely supported by other 3D graphics applications.


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Features and Functionality

ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® boasts an impressive set of features that make it a valuable tool for any Revit user. One standout feature is its support for textures and colors, allowing you to export your models with their visual attributes intact. And if file size and quality are important to you, the plugin gives you the option to control these aspects by specifying the precision value. Increasing the precision value enhances the fineness and accuracy of the model but may result in larger file sizes.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to flip or swap the OBJ model along the X, Y, and Z-axis, or any combination thereof. This provides flexibility in how you present your exported models. Additionally, the plugin is compatible with multiple versions of Revit, ranging from 2016 to 2022, ensuring that users of different versions can benefit from its functionality.

One feature that sets ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® apart is its support for rebar entities. This means that even complex structural models containing reinforcement elements can be exported seamlessly to OBJ files. The plugin also offers control over the scale of the output OBJ file, allowing you to customize the size of your exported models to suit your needs.

For those looking for additional customization options, the plugin provides a rotate by function, enabling you to specify the angle at which you want the model to be rotated in the output OBJ file and the plane to which you want it to be rotated (X, Y, or Z-plane). This feature empowers you to achieve the desired orientation of your models in the exported format.

File optimization is another handy feature offered by ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit®. This allows for efficient storage and sharing of your exported models. The plugin also supports a reset functionality, allowing you to easily undo any changes and revert to the original state of the model. Furthermore, the ungrouping feature enables you to export individual elements of a grouped model as separate OBJ files, providing greater flexibility in managing your exported data.

In addition to exporting the model geometry, ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® allows you to export properties along with JSON and CSV files. This feature enhances the interoperability of your exported models, making it easier to work with them in other applications.


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Paid Version and Trial

The paid version of ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® offers even more benefits and capabilities. With the paid version, you will receive an activation key via email, unlocking the full potential of the plugin. The paid version is available as a subscription-based single machine-locked license, ensuring that you can use it on your designated machine.

If you require flexibility in licensing, ProtoTech also offers a floating license, allowing the plugin to be used on multiple machines by different users. The floating license is available at an affordable cost of 289 USD, making it an attractive option for teams or organizations with multiple Revit users.

If you're curious about the plugin and want to try it out, ProtoTech provides a free trial version. Upon installation, the trial version is automatically activated, granting you access to the full set of features. The trial version allows for 15 exports within a 7-day trial period, giving you ample time to explore and evaluate the plugin's capabilities.

After the trial period or exhausting the 15 trial exports, you will need to activate the paid version of the plugin to continue using it. Activation is a seamless process, ensuring a smooth transition from the trial version to the paid version.


(Image by: ProtoTech Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd )


ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that provides a seamless solution for exporting solid bodies and sketches from Revit to OBJ files. With its extensive feature set, including support for textures, precision control, rebar entities, and file optimization, the plugin offers a comprehensive solution for exporting models with ease.

Whether you're an architect, designer, or 3D graphics enthusiast, ProtoTech's OBJ Exporter For Revit® is a valuable tool that enhances your workflow and simplifies the process of exporting Revit models. With a paid version and a free trial available, there's no reason not to give this plugin a try and experience its benefits firsthand.

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