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Toolbelt Web Exporter

Toolbelt Web Exporter

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About this app

Revit users, rejoice! If you've ever wished for a seamless way to share your architectural projects with clients and colleagues, the Toolbelt Web Exporter plugin is here to make your dreams come true. This powerful plugin allows you to effortlessly export 3D views from Autodesk Revit into interactive visualizations that can be accessed through any web browser. No software downloads required!

Streamlined Collaboration and Remote Viewing

With Toolbelt Web Exporter, you can now interact with clients and team members remotely, providing them with a first-hand experience of your architectural developments. Gone are the days of sending multiple files or struggling with compatibility issues. Simply share a URL with your clients, and they can explore your 3D models with ease.

Designers, too, will find this plugin incredibly convenient for reviewing their 3D models. The first-person flythrough setting allows for a more immersive experience, making it easier to identify any potential design flaws or improvements.


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Effortless Export Process

Using Toolbelt Web Exporter is a breeze. Just click on the Toolbelt Web icon within Revit to launch the exporter dialog. You'll be presented with a list of 3D views from your project that you can choose to export. The plugin ensures that only the visible geometry from the selected 3D view is included in the export.

If your model contains single objects with more than 60,000 polygons or if the total export size exceeds 150 MB, the exporter will warn you about the file size. This is because web browsers have restrictions on the amount of RAM used in a single process. However, there's an easy solution - simply section-box your model into multiple exports if needed.


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Seamless Collaboration and Communication Tools

Once you've exported your file, you'll be directed to the Toolbelt Web upload center. Here, you can create an account and easily upload your 3D model. Once the upload is complete, you can launch the file and share the generated URL with others.

What sets Toolbelt Web Exporter apart from other plugins is its array of convenient tools for communication and collaboration. Within the Toolbelt Web interface, you can navigate through your model using the WASD keys and right-click mouse button. Additionally, you'll find features such as sketching on surfaces, leaving notes, creating measurements, changing lighting settings, and even moving objects - all accessible with simple mouse clicks.


(Image by: The Toolbelt Company)


The Toolbelt Web Exporter plugin is a game-changer for Revit users who want to seamlessly share their architectural projects and collaborate remotely. Its user-friendly interface, effortless export process, and powerful communication tools make it a must-have for architects, designers, and clients alike.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your workflow and improve collaboration. Give Toolbelt Web Exporter a try today and experience the convenience of virtual 3D model exploration like never before.

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