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CTC BIM Manager Suite 2024

CTC BIM Manager Suite 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of Building Information Modeling (BIM), efficiency and productivity are crucial. CTC BIM Manager Suite 2024 is a robust Revit plugin that offers a wide range of tools designed to enhance your BIM workflows. Compatible with Revit versions 2020 to 2024, this suite provides an array of features that can simplify and streamline various tasks, making it an essential addition to any BIM professional's toolkit.


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Family Preview Manager - Simplify Family Previews

The Family Preview Manager tool, included for free in the suite, revolutionizes the way you manage default preview images for families in Revit. With a few simple clicks, you can effortlessly modify settings for views, ensuring that the preview image accurately represents the family. This tool eliminates the need for tedious manual adjustments, saving you valuable time in the family creation process.


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Family Tools - Enhance Family Creation

As the name suggests, the Family Tools utility is a collection of handy features that assist with the family creation process. From deleting backup families to managing type catalogs and shared parameter files, this tool simplifies complex tasks. Additionally, it allows you to quickly identify the Revit version in which families were last saved, enabling seamless collaboration across different projects and versions.


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Project Cleaner - Streamline Project Preparation

Preparing projects for collaboration with consultants can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the Project Cleaner tool, you can effortlessly delete views, sheets, schedules, legends, and Revit links that are no longer needed. This intelligent cleaning feature ensures that your project is lean and optimized before sharing, improving efficiency and reducing file size.


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Revision Cloud Remover - Maintain Project Accuracy

Removing non-issued revision clouds is essential for maintaining project accuracy and clarity. The Revision Cloud Remover tool provides a fast and easy solution for eliminating unwanted revision clouds from your project. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that only issued revisions are present, enhancing the professionalism and clarity of your project documentation.


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Dimension Checker - Accurate Dimensioning Made Easy

Accurate dimensioning is a critical aspect of any BIM project. The Dimension Checker tool helps you identify dimensions that do not show dimensionally accurate values. By highlighting these discrepancies, this tool ensures that your dimensions are precise and in compliance with industry standards. This trial tool provides a glimpse into the potential of the suite and its ability to enhance your BIM workflows.


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Family Checker - Validate Family Files

The Family Checker tool is a valuable asset for ensuring that family files adhere to best practices and standards. This trial tool helps verify the quality of family files, allowing you to identify any potential issues or inconsistencies. By validating your family files, you can minimize errors and ensure that your BIM models are reliable and accurate.


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Family Processor - Efficient Batch Editing

The Family Processor tool offers a powerful solution for batch editing materials, parameters, and shared parameters within one or multiple family files. Whether you need to add, change, or delete parameters, this tool simplifies the process. It even allows you to replace existing parameters with shared parameters, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your BIM projects.


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Import and Link Manager - Simplify CAD Management

The Import and Link Manager tool is an invaluable asset for managing CAD objects within your Revit models. It assists in locating and organizing CAD files, making it easier to incorporate external references into your BIM projects. With improved CAD management, you can streamline your workflows and improve collaboration with external stakeholders.


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Manage Revit Project Links - Seamless Link Path Modification

Modifying link paths in Revit files can be a time-consuming task, often requiring you to open individual files in Revit. However, with the Manage Revit Project Links tool, you can modify link paths directly from Windows Explorer. This pop-up menu tool simplifies link path management and saves precious time, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your BIM projects.


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Schedule Parameter Resolver - Consistent Schedule Definitions

The Schedule Parameter Resolver tool offers a convenient solution for aligning schedule parameter definitions with those used in families. This trial tool ensures that your schedule formatting remains intact while updating parameter definitions. By maintaining consistency between families and schedules, you can eliminate errors and enhance the accuracy of your project documentation.


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Shared Parameter Manager - Efficient Parameter Management

Shared Parameter Manager simplifies the management of shared parameter files and offers batch loading of pre-saved sets of shared parameters into projects. With this tool, you can ensure consistent parameter usage across multiple projects, saving time and maintaining standardization. Efficient parameter management is crucial for maintaining data integrity and enhancing collaboration between team members.

Type Swapper - Easy Element Swapping

The Type Swapper tool provides a user-friendly interface for changing the type or style of text, dimensions, line elements, and family elements. This versatile tool streamlines element swapping, making it easy to adapt and modify your BIM models. Whether you need to change the font size or swap entire families, this tool simplifies the process, enabling you to make adjustments swiftly and efficiently.


CTC BIM Manager Suite 2024 is a comprehensive plugin that offers a wide range of tools to enhance your BIM workflows. From simplifying family previews to streamlining project preparation and CAD management, this suite provides an impressive array of features. While some tools are available for free, the trial tools offer a glimpse into the suite's full potential. With its powerful capabilities and user-friendly interface, CTC BIM Manager Suite 2024 is a must-have plugin for any BIM professional looking to improve productivity and efficiency.

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