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CTC BIM Project Suite 2024

CTC BIM Project Suite 2024

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Revit, the powerful building information modeling (BIM) software by Autodesk, has revolutionized the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. And with the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024, you can take your Revit experience to the next level. This comprehensive plugin offers a wide range of tools designed to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities for your projects.

Sheet Assistant
Sheet Assistant

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Detail Link - Seamless Integration of AutoCAD DWG Details

One of the standout features of the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 is the Detail Link tool. This tool automates the process of linking AutoCAD DWG details into your Revit projects, eliminating the need for manual importing. With a few simple clicks, you can seamlessly integrate AutoCAD details, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you need to bring in structural details or electrical schematics, Detail Link ensures a smooth workflow between the two software platforms.


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Length Calculator - Simplifying Design Phase Calculations

Duct, pipe, conduit, or cable tray layouts often require precise calculations of length during the design phase. The Length Calculator tool in the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 simplifies this process by quickly and accurately calculating the length of a run. By eliminating the need for manual calculations, this tool enables you to focus on the design itself, improving efficiency and accuracy.


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Quick Select - Swift Element Selection with Filters

When working with large projects, selecting specific elements can be a time-consuming task. The Quick Select tool comes to the rescue by allowing you to change which elements are selected swiftly. By utilizing filters based on categories, parameter values, and views, you can easily narrow down your selection, saving valuable time and effort. Whether you need to select specific doors, windows, or structural elements, Quick Select makes the process a breeze.


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Renumbering - Fast and Simple Room and Door Renumbering

Renumbering rooms and doors in a Revit project can be a tedious task. The Renumbering tool in the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 provides a fast and simple solution. With this tool, you can easily renumber your rooms and doors, including the ability to add separators and suffixes to the numbers. This streamlines the process of managing room and door numbering, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout your project.


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Revit Properties - Easy Access to File Properties

Have you ever wanted to quickly access file properties while working with Revit? The Revit Properties tool in the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 simplifies this by showing file properties, including the Revit version, with just a right-click. This convenient feature eliminates the need to navigate through multiple windows, allowing you to access essential information instantly. Whether you need to check the file version or other properties, Revit Properties has got you covered.


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View Aligner - Precise Alignment Across Multiple Views

Aligning views across multiple sheets can be a time-consuming and challenging task. The View Aligner tool in the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 provides a solution by allowing explicit edge, center, and internal level alignment. This advanced alignment feature works not only on a single sheet but also across multiple sheets, offering unmatched flexibility. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual alignment and enjoy precise and consistent views throughout your project.


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Fab Sheets - Streamlined Element Assignment and View Generation

The Fab Sheets tool, available as a trial in the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024, offers a range of powerful capabilities. It allows you to assign elements to an increment/sequence via parameter values, generate views, and place them on sheets. This streamlines the process of creating and organizing fabrication sheets, enhancing collaboration and communication among project stakeholders.


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Fire Rating - Automated Fire Rating Assignment and Graphics Generation

Ensuring accurate fire ratings and generating fire rating graphics for life safety plans can be a time-consuming task. The Fire Rating tool, available as a trial, automates the assignment of fire ratings and simplifies the generation of fire rating graphics. This invaluable tool saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on design and safety without compromising accuracy.


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Invisibility Advisor - Uncovering Hidden Elements

Have you ever wondered why certain elements are not visible in a view? The Invisibility Advisor tool, available as a trial, helps you determine the reasons behind element invisibility. With this tool, you can easily identify the factors that affect element visibility and make the necessary adjustments. This feature enhances your ability to create comprehensive and informative views, ensuring that no crucial information goes unnoticed.


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Model Compare - Tracking Project Changes with Ease

Tracking changes in a Revit project can be a challenging task. The Model Compare tool, available as a trial, simplifies this process by allowing you to take data "snapshots" at different stages of your project. By comparing the differences between these snapshots, you can easily identify and track changes, ensuring design integrity and minimizing errors. This tool is a valuable asset for project managers and design teams working on complex projects with multiple iterations.


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Model Dashboard - Real-Time Performance Metrics

The Model Dashboard tool, available as a trial, provides a comprehensive dashboard within the Revit model. This dashboard is populated and updated with performance metrics from the project, allowing you to quickly spot any emerging issues. From open and save times to total warnings and linked elements, the Model Dashboard offers valuable insights into project performance. This tool empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize your workflow, and deliver high-quality projects on time.


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Occupant Flow Analyzer - Optimizing Occupancy-Related Calculations

Understanding occupant flow and optimizing occupancy-related calculations are vital for space planning and design. The Occupant Flow Analyzer tool, available as a trial, allows you to determine possible paths between points, calculate distances, and analyze routes affected by impassible objects. This invaluable tool helps you optimize space utilization, improve safety, and enhance the overall occupant experience.


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Parameter Jammer - Seamless Integration of Families with Schedules

Working with families in Revit projects often requires modifications to ensure seamless integration with schedules. The Parameter Jammer tool, available as a trial, simplifies this process by modifying families to work harmoniously with the project's schedules. This feature enhances productivity and accuracy, allowing you to focus on design while ensuring accurate and up-to-date schedules.


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Revision Manager - Streamlined Revision Management

Managing revisions and tracking changes in a project can be a daunting task. The Revision Manager tool, available as a trial, offers a comprehensive solution. It lists revision information, including view and sheet associations, and allows you to save the results to a spreadsheet file. This efficient tool simplifies revision management, enhances collaboration, and ensures that all project stakeholders are up to date with the latest changes.


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Room Data Sheets - Streamlined Datasheet Creation

The Room Data Sheets tool, available as a trial, assists in the creation of datasheets for both rooms and spaces. By automating the process, this tool saves you valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on design and data analysis. Whether you need to generate room schedules or gather information for space planning, Room Data Sheets simplifies the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


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Room Family Manager - Defining and Validating Room Family Content

Managing room family content can be a complex task, especially when dealing with multiple room types. The Room Family Manager tool, available as a trial, enables you to define, maintain, and validate the family content of each room using room type definitions. This tool streamlines the management of room families, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout your project.


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Schedule XL - Seamless Integration of Spreadsheets and Revit

Integrating data from spreadsheets into Revit projects can be a challenging task. The Schedule XL tool, available as a trial, simplifies this process by creating schedule or drafting views from spreadsheet worksheets. This enables automatic updates when opening the project, saving you time and ensuring data accuracy. Whether you need to import cost estimates or material quantities, Schedule XL offers a seamless data integration solution.


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Sheet Assistant - Powerful Sheet Editing and Placement

Editing sheet layouts and placing multiple views across multiple sheets can be time-consuming and challenging. The Sheet Assistant tool, available as a trial, is purpose-built to tackle these tasks. It allows you to align multiple views across multiple sheets, streamlining the sheet editing process. By automating the view placement, Sheet Assistant enhances efficiency and consistency, enabling you to create professional and organized sheet sets.

Model Dashboard
Model Dashboard

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Spreadsheet Link - Effortless Data Export and Import

The Spreadsheet Link tool, available as a trial, offers a powerful solution for exporting data from Revit to a spreadsheet. This feature allows you to easily edit the data in the spreadsheet and load it back into Revit with minimal effort. With powerful embedded spreadsheet functions, you can perform complex calculations and analysis within Revit itself, eliminating the need for external spreadsheet software. Spreadsheet Link empowers you to leverage the power of spreadsheets while working seamlessly within the Revit environment.

Spreadsheet Link Express - Streamlined Data Linking

If you frequently use the Spreadsheet Link tool with previously saved settings, the Spreadsheet Link Express tool is a time-saving feature. This tool automatically runs Spreadsheet Link using your saved settings, eliminating the need for manual configuration. With Spreadsheet Link Express, you can effortlessly link data between Revit and spreadsheets, ensuring a seamless workflow.

View Creator - Consistent and Efficient View Creation

The View Creator tool allows Revit users to quickly and consistently create views in their projects. This tool simplifies the process of view creation, ensuring consistency across the project. Whether you need to create floor plans, sections, or elevations, View Creator offers a streamlined solution, saving you time and effort.


The CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 is a powerful plugin that enhances your Revit experience and empowers you to achieve new levels of productivity. With a wide range of tools designed to streamline your workflow, this comprehensive suite offers invaluable features for architects, engineers, and designers. From seamless integration of AutoCAD details to automated fire rating assignment and real-time performance metrics, the CTC BIM Project Suite 2024 unlocks new possibilities and ensures accuracy and efficiency in your projects. Whether you are a seasoned Revit user or just getting started, this plugin is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

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