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Egan Space Planning

Egan Space Planning

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Egan Space Planning is a remarkable Revit plugin designed to streamline the early design phase and revolutionize the way architects and designers work. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this plugin allows for multiple rapid iterations, reduces repetition, and enhances the overall efficiency of your space planning process.


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Efficient Program Space Importation

One of the standout features of Egan Space Planning is its ability to import a user-defined space program in CSV format. This enables easy and quick updates to the program, ensuring that any changes can be seamlessly integrated into your project. With this functionality, you can effortlessly keep track of program spaces during the design process, making it a breeze to manage and edit your space requirements.


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Cubes: Flexible and Customizable

Once the program is imported, Egan Space Planning places resizable Cubes within your project. These Cubes are arranged by department and pre-sized according to the target area of each space. The plugin automatically assigns essential parameters, including room name, department, room type, capacity, comments, and target area to each Cube.

What sets Egan Space Planning apart is the flexibility it offers in terms of customization. Not only can you easily rearrange the Cubes to suit your desired layout, but you can also swap them for different shapes such as L, T, and U-shapes, as well as one-side-angled and four-sided free form Adaptive Component shapes. This level of adaptability empowers you to explore numerous design possibilities and find the perfect spatial arrangement for your project.


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Intuitive Wall Drawing and Room Placement

Once you have arranged the Cubes to your satisfaction, Egan Space Planning takes your design to the next level by automatically drawing walls around the Cubes. Furthermore, it removes any overlapping walls, ensuring a seamless and precise representation of your space. The plugin then places a Revit Room corresponding to each Cube, seamlessly transferring the relevant parameter information to the Room.

This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required for manual wall drawing and room placement, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your design. Whether you are working on an office, residential, or commercial project, Egan Space Planning ensures a smooth transition from conceptual layout to a detailed representation of your space.


(Image by: Egan BIM Resources)

Enhanced Visualization with Color Mapping and Legends

Egan Space Planning takes your design presentation to the next level by offering color mapping functionality. This means that you can assign different colors to parameter values such as department and room type. By visually representing these values, the plugin provides a clear and intuitive understanding of the layout and functionality of each space.

In addition, the plugin allows you to create detail component legends on plan views. This feature further enhances the visual representation of your design, making it easier to communicate your ideas to clients, stakeholders, and team members.


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Continued Development and Quick Start Assistance

Depending on your office workflow and project requirements, Egan Space Planning offers the flexibility to continue developing your design within the current project or copy/paste it to another project. This versatility ensures that you can seamlessly integrate the plugin into your existing workflow without any disruptions.

Moreover, the plugin provides sample projects, families, programs, color mappings, and view templates to assist you in getting started quickly. With these resources readily available, you can dive into using Egan Space Planning confidently and efficiently from day one.


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Egan Space Planning is a game-changer for architects and designers using Autodesk Revit. Its intuitive and graphic approach to early design, along with its powerful features such as program space importation, customizable Cubes, automated wall drawing and room placement, and enhanced visualization, make it an indispensable tool for any design professional.

By incorporating Egan Space Planning into your workflow, you can expect increased efficiency, reduced repetition, and a more enjoyable design experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your space planning process - give Egan Space Planning a try today!


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