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Select Conduit Network

Select Conduit Network

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Selecting multiple conduits in Revit can be a time-consuming task, especially if you have to use Tab and Ctrl keys repeatedly. However, thanks to the Select Conduit Network plugin, this process has become much more efficient and hassle-free. This plugin allows you to select entire conduit networks for multiple conduits simultaneously, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time and effort.


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Easy Selection of Conduit Networks

With the Select Conduit Network plugin, selecting multiple conduit networks is as simple as selecting a few conduit pieces and running the tool. Once you run the tool, the network for each piece will be added to your current selection. This feature eliminates the need for manual selection of individual conduits one by one, allowing you to select entire networks effortlessly.

Faster Workflow with Keyboard Shortcuts

To further enhance your productivity, the plugin enables you to add a keyboard shortcut for even quicker access to the tool. By assigning a keyboard shortcut, you can execute the Select Conduit Network tool with a simple key combination, eliminating the need to navigate through menus or search for the tool every time you need it. This feature is a real time-saver for users who frequently work with conduit networks in their Revit projects.


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Custom EULA and Installer

Before installing the Select Conduit Network plugin, it is important to note that it comes with a custom End User License Agreement (EULA). The installer includes this EULA, which must be accepted before the tool can be installed. For those interested, a copy of the EULA can be requested from IE.Programming@Interstates.com. It's worth mentioning that this plugin uses a custom installer instead of the standard App Store installer, ensuring a seamless installation and integration with your Revit environment.


The Select Conduit Network plugin is a game-changer for Revit users who frequently work with conduit networks. Its ability to select entire conduit networks at once, combined with the option to add a keyboard shortcut, significantly simplifies and accelerates the conduit selection process. With its seamless installation process and custom EULA, this plugin is a must-try for anyone looking to enhance their workflow efficiency in Revit.

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