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Are you tired of spending countless hours on your electrical design in Autodesk® Revit®? Look no further, because PowerCad-M is here to revolutionize your workflow. With its live electrical schematic and unique features, this plugin offers ultimate control and simplification for your electrical design needs.

Ultimate Control Over Your Electrical Design

PowerCad-M allows you to calculate electrical planning loads using the room or space data in your Revit model. This feature saves you time and ensures accurate calculations, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Additionally, you can easily check all the families that should connect to an electrical system within your model. This helps you identify any missing connections or errors, ensuring a seamless electrical design.


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Drag and Drop Interface for Easy Electrical System Building

Gone are the days of tedious manual placement of electrical components. PowerCad-M offers a unique drag and drop interface, allowing you to build your electrical system effortlessly. You can simply select the desired components and place them in your model with a few clicks. This intuitive interface streamlines your design workflow and enhances your productivity.


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Effortless Panel Schedule Management

PowerCad-M simplifies panel schedule management with its convenient features. You can easily access the panel schedule or zoom to a specific component in 3D space directly from the schematic. Furthermore, you can rename panels effortlessly, including adding the floor they are located on in their name. These time-saving features enable you to stay organized and easily navigate your electrical design.


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Seamless Integration and Export

PowerCad-M seamlessly integrates with other software in the PowerCad family. You can export your electrical data to Excel, allowing for further analysis and manipulation. Additionally, you can publish your completed schematic to drafting quickly, ensuring its inclusion in your construction drawings. If you require advanced calculations, you can export your electrical model to PowerCad-5 for arc fault analysis, maximum demand calculations, and harmonic analysis.


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Verification Tool and Reliable Support

PowerCad-M serves as a powerful verification tool, allowing you to quickly check the electrical system in any Revit model. Whether you're reviewing your own work or collaborating with a team, this feature ensures the accuracy and integrity of your electrical design.

PowerCad Software, the creator of PowerCad-M, has been developing software for electrical engineers for over 25 years. Their expertise and experience make them a trusted partner for your electrical design needs. By offering a 14-day free trial, they enable you to experience the benefits of PowerCad-M firsthand.


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PowerCad-M is a game-changer for electrical design in Autodesk Revit. Its live electrical schematic, drag and drop interface, and convenient features simplify your design workflow and save you valuable time. With seamless integration, export capabilities, and reliable support, PowerCad-M is a must-have plugin for electrical engineers. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your Revit experience. Download the 14-day free trial of PowerCad-M today and discover a new level of efficiency in your electrical design.


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