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PowerCad-PNL is a game-changer for designers and engineers working with electrical system layouts in Autodesk Revit MEP. This powerful plugin offers a live 2D interface that enhances your workflow by providing a comprehensive view of your project's electrical system. With its innovative features and seamless integration, PowerCad-PNL is a must-have tool for any professional in the field.


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Efficient Panelboard Management

One of the standout features of PowerCad-PNL is its ability to display unconnected panelboards in an intuitive 2D interface. This makes it incredibly easy to identify and locate panelboards within your model, saving you time and effort. Additionally, PowerCad-PNL allows you to rename panelboards effortlessly, ensuring clarity and organization in your electrical system layout.


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Seamless Integration with PowerCad-5

PowerCad-PNL goes beyond just providing a visual representation of your electrical system. This incredible plugin also offers a seamless link to PowerCad-5, a detailed electrical design software. By exporting panelboards and their connections into PowerCad-5, you can access a wealth of advanced features and functionalities for a more detailed electrical design process. This integration between PowerCad-PNL and PowerCad-5 sets the stage for a comprehensive and efficient design workflow.


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Real-Time Information and Analysis

PowerCad-PNL provides real-time information on cable lengths between panelboards and the load on each board directly within its 2D interface. This invaluable feature allows designers and engineers to gain a deeper understanding of the electrical system layout and make informed decisions. With PowerCad-PNL, you can easily identify potential issues, optimize cable lengths, and ensure the balanced distribution of loads.


PowerCad-PNL is a revolutionary plugin that brings immense value to Autodesk Revit MEP users working on electrical system layouts. Its live 2D interface, efficient panelboard management, seamless integration with PowerCad-5, and real-time information and analysis capabilities make it an indispensable tool for professionals in the field. Embrace the power of PowerCad-PNL and experience a more streamlined and productive electrical design process. To learn more about PowerCad-5 and unleash the full potential of PowerCad-PNL, visit the official website at http://www.powercad.com.au/powercad5.php.

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