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Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius

Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius

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Revit users often face the challenge of detecting and fixing collisions within their models. This process can be time-consuming and tedious, but with the help of the Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin, this task becomes much more efficient and convenient. This review will explore the features and benefits of this remarkable Revit plugin.


(Image by: Vitruvius)

Efficient Collision Detection and Depth Measurement

One of the standout features of the Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin is its ability to accurately determine the depth of intersection between elements in a model. This depth is expressed in a percentage, allowing users to quickly identify the severity of the collision. For example, if two elements are duplicated or overlapping, the plugin will display a 100% intersection, while a half-overlap will be represented as 50%. This depth measurement feature is invaluable in assessing and prioritizing collision fixes.


(Image by: Vitruvius)

Convenient Display and Sorting

The results of the collision detection are presented in a user-friendly dialog list, making it easy to review and analyze the detected intersections. The list can be sorted by the depth of intersection, enabling users to focus on the most critical collisions first. This sorting functionality saves time and streamlines the correction process, ensuring that the most crucial issues are addressed promptly.


(Image by: Vitruvius)

Advanced Editing and Selection Options

Once collisions are identified, the Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin offers a range of editing and selection options. Users can isolate listed elements, select, delete, and even merge them, simplifying the correction process. These capabilities empower designers and engineers to efficiently resolve collisions and create more accurate and precise models.


(Image by: Vitruvius)

Customizable Settings for Specific Tasks

The plugin provides customizable settings that allow users to select specific categories of elements for their tasks. This level of customization ensures that the collision detection focuses only on the elements of interest, eliminating unnecessary distractions and enhancing productivity. Whether you are working on architectural, structural, or MEP projects, the Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin can adapt to your specific needs.


The Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin is a game-changer for Revit users, offering a comprehensive solution for collision detection and correction. Its ability to accurately measure the depth of intersections, convenient display and sorting options, advanced editing capabilities, and customizable settings make it an invaluable tool for design professionals. With the Сheck Intersections Vitriuvius plugin, identifying and fixing collisions within your Revit models becomes faster, easier, and more efficient. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your workflow and create superior designs – give this plugin a try!

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