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Support Generator

Support Generator

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About this app

Revit is an industry-leading software that offers powerful tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM). However, when it comes to MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) support distribution, Revit can be time-consuming and tedious. This is where the Support Generator plugin comes in, offering a seamless solution for distributing hanger supports along cable trays, ducts, and pipes in Revit.

Efficient Distribution of Different Types of MEP Supports

The Support Generator plugin is a game-changer when it comes to distributing hanger supports in Revit. It offers various types of MEP supports, including Trapeze Hanger Support, L-Shape Hanger Support, Pipe Round Wrap Hanger, Pipe Clevis Hanger, and Pipe Round Clamp with Bearer Hanger. With just a few clicks, users can distribute these supports along their cable trays, ducts, and pipes, saving them valuable time and effort.


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Compatibility with Sloped Pipes and Insulated Ducts

One of the standout features of the Support Generator plugin is its compatibility with sloped pipes and insulated ducts. Unlike other support distribution tools, this plugin ensures that hangers are placed accurately and securely, even on sloped surfaces. Additionally, it takes into account the insulation of ducts, preventing any interference or overlapping issues.


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Simple Activation Process and Trial Mode

Getting started with the Support Generator plugin is a breeze. Users can run the app in Trial mode for 10 days, allowing them to fully experience its capabilities before making a purchase. To activate the app, simply click on the Activate button from the Activation dialog after launching the app. Users can then follow the simple activation steps to receive their activation code and unlock the full potential of the Support Generator plugin.

Activation Steps:

  1. Send a request email to mahmoudelrawy328@gmail.com, including the displayed username from the license dialog box and the payment receipt.
  2. Receive the activation code in your email within 24 hours from the publisher.
  3. Enter the received code and click activate to unleash the power of the Support Generator plugin.

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The Support Generator plugin is a must-have tool for MEP professionals using Revit. Its ability to efficiently distribute different types of hanger supports along cable trays, ducts, and pipes is truly remarkable. With its compatibility with sloped pipes and insulated ducts, it ensures accurate and secure placement of supports. The simple activation process and the option to try it out in Trial mode for 10 days further add to its appeal. If you're looking to streamline your MEP support distribution workflow in Revit, don't miss out on the Support Generator plugin.


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