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About this app


Autodesk Revit is an incredible software that allows architects and engineers to create stunning 3D models and designs. However, there is one common issue that many Revit users face - unexpected crashes and the subsequent loss of their valuable data. Fortunately, AutoSave CC is here to rescue you from this nightmare.


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Effortless Auto-Saving

AutoSave CC is a game-changer for Revit users as it provides an auto-save feature that is missing in the native software. With this plugin, you can set specific time intervals for auto-saving your project, giving you peace of mind knowing that your work is constantly being saved. For example, you can configure the plugin to save your project every 5 minutes, ensuring that you never lose more than a few minutes of progress.


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Seamless Integration

What sets AutoSave CC apart from other plugins is its seamless integration with Autodesk Revit. Once installed, the plugin works silently in the background, without requiring any manual intervention. This means that you can focus on your design work while AutoSave CC takes care of preserving your data.


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Flexible Backup Options

AutoSave CC creates backup files during the saving process, which are stored by default in the project directory. These backup files, with names like "Project Name.001.rvt," ensure that you have a safety net to fall back on in case of an unfortunate event. Moreover, you have the flexibility to delete these backup files if you prefer to manage your storage space efficiently.


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Supported File Types

AutoSave CC works seamlessly with various file types in Autodesk Revit, including project files (RVT), local copies of central files (RVT), Revit Family files (RFA), and project template files (RTE). This wide range of compatibility ensures that no matter what type of Revit project you are working on, AutoSave CC has got your back.


AutoSave CC is an essential plugin for anyone working with Autodesk Revit. Its auto-save feature fills the void left by the absence of such functionality in the native software, providing users with peace of mind and protection against data loss due to unexpected crashes. The seamless integration, flexible backup options, and support for various file types make AutoSave CC a must-have tool for all Revit users. Don't wait until you lose hours of work - give AutoSave CC a try and experience the difference it can make in your Revit workflow.

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