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Export sheets to DWG

Export sheets to DWG

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About this app

Revit is a powerful software that enables architects and engineers to create detailed building models. However, when it comes to exporting these models to DWG format, it can be quite cumbersome. Each sheet is exported as a separate file, requiring manual effort to combine them into a single DWG file. This is where the "Export Sheets to DWG" plugin comes in handy.

Simplifying the Export Process

The "Export Sheets to DWG" plugin offers two useful tools that streamline the export process. The first tool is the "To 1 layout" command, which allows you to export multiple sheets into a single DWG file. All the drawings in the model tab and all the sheets are combined in one layout tab. This eliminates the need for manual consolidation and saves a significant amount of time.

The second tool provided by this plugin is the "To Multiple Layouts" command. This feature allows you to merge all the sheets into one DWG file with multiple layouts. This is particularly useful if you prefer to have separate layouts for different sheets. By using this command, you can easily organize and manage your exported drawings in a single file.


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Seamless Integration with AutoCAD

For even better results, the "Export Sheets to DWG" plugin can be used in conjunction with the "Merge Drawings" add-in for Autodesk AutoCAD. This combination further simplifies the export process and ensures that all your drawings and sheets are seamlessly merged into a single DWG file. The integration of these two tools enhances the efficiency and accuracy of your workflow.


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The "Export Sheets to DWG" plugin for Revit is an indispensable tool for architects and engineers working with the software. It effectively eliminates the manual effort required to combine multiple sheets into a single DWG file. With its two powerful tools, exporting becomes a breeze, saving time and effort. Furthermore, the seamless integration with AutoCAD provides an added advantage, making this plugin a must-have for anyone working with Revit.

If you want to simplify your export process and enhance your workflow, I highly recommend giving the "Export Sheets to DWG" plugin a try. You won't be disappointed!

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